Power Ledger and try to reduce excessive use of energy with Blockchain

Currently, the entire world is going through a serious climate crisis that threatens life on the planet earth. Therefore, during the last few years has tried to generate solutions to decrease the pollution generated by humanity. Being one of the biggest criticisms against the cryptocurrencies, the excessive use of electrical energy requires its mined. Reason why initiatives such as the technology company Blockchain Power Ledger, are so important.

The digital revolution

In the last two decades the world has changed radically. Just a few years ago, it was inconceivable the rapidity and ease with which modern communications allow us to get in contact with people from any part of the world. Let us know in minutes of events on the other side of the planet. And contribute in the creation of projects without even getting to see each other physically, as the Power Ledger. This digital revolution has affected absolutely every aspect of our modern society. Making it more agile and flexible bureaucratic procedures, increasing our possibilities of communication and learning, changing political dynamics, and, of course, deeply affecting international finance. However, this process has not been carried out in the vacuum. Advances in technology and production typically have also meant increases in the pollution of the environment, increased use of energy. And in the case of cryptocurrencies, a sector that requires huge amounts of electricity to keep working. The criticism for their environmental impact has been steady.

The mission of the Power Ledger: Ending the excessive use of energy

For this reason, they are just as important initiatives such as the enterprise Blockchain australian Power Ledger, in cooperation with the firm of renewable energy French ekWateur. They seek to provide to a quarter of a million users in France the opportunity to ensure, through the use of chains of blocks, which the source of the electrical energy they consume is renewable. This will be achieved by connecting the network of electrical power supply ekWateur, totally based on renewable energies (wind, solar, and hydropower) with the Blockchain of Power Ledger. That will allow French users to choose the source of the electrical energy that will consume. “Whether consumers want to obtain energy from the solar panels on the roofs of their neighbours or of a wind farm in Bordeaux, our platform offers consumers the ability to choose and control their source of energy.” Declared the President’s Executive Power Ledger, Jemma Green. This type of solutions, are not only a sample of how the digital revolution can improve aspects of our society, such as the excessive use of non-renewable energy. In addition, it can be an alternative to the mining cryptocurrencies take advantage of clean energy, and does not collaborate with the pollution of the environment. What makes this advancement in the use of energy on the part of the Power Ledger, our Data of the Day today here in CriptoTendencia.

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