Producer of the best olive oil in the world implements traceability based on blockchain

A cooperative Spanish established in the shire Subbética, community of Andalusia, Spain, region, producer of extra virgin olive oil, will implement a system of traceability of olive oil production from a blockchain. The local press gave out the information at the end of November.The cooperative, called olive oil Mills of the Subbetica, is the producer of the extra virgin olive oil located currently in the number one spot in the world ranking of EVO World Ranking, a rating of the quality of this type of products. The manufacturer, who has held the first place consecutively from 2015, seeks to increase transparency through a record immutable to all stages of the production process, starting from the origin of the olives to the final product.The implementation of the project will have a funding of € 13,000, of which 10,000 correspond to the contribution derived from a collaboration agreement with the Rural Development Group of the Subbética Cordobesa (GDR). It is a non-profit association that brings together socio-economic agents and public and private sector the shire Subbética, with the purpose of promoting a balanced and sustainable development of the area.The agreement was signed on the 26th of November by the president of the GDR, Juan Perez, and the president of olive-oil Mills of the Subbetica, Francisco Serrano. The agreement had the endorsement of the mayor of the municipality of Goat, Fernando Priego, who was present at the ceremony where they sealed the convenio.De according to the reports, the system will be implemented for the current campaign productive, appropriate to the season 2019-2020, for a startup local identified as Nosolosoftware. In a first phase will develop an application aimed at international customers, so that they can access in real time to the information linked to the value chain of the extra virgin olive oil.The goal is that the users should have information unchanged and stored in encrypted form and decentralized. It should be noted that the base of the project is an analysis performed by a student of the Master of Digital Transformation of the University of Cordoba, for his final work of master’s degree.Transnational companies such as Carrefour, a multinational food distribution with 11.960 stores in more than 30 countries, have developed networks blockchain for traceability of food products. As reported Breaking News, Carrefour Spain launched a year ago a network based on Hyperledger Fabric, applied to the marketing chain pollo campero, raised without antibiotic treatments. The fact was qualified at that time by the company, as a milestone for the food sector in Spain.

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