Quantum computers are not the end of the Blockchain

Although considered by many to be the quantum computers as a threat to the technology Blockchain, these do not imply any order. Since Google assured to develop the first quantum computer really functional, the rumors about a possible end of the string blocks became more and more dormant. Many people believe that quantum computers will make Blockchain to be obsolete. This is because the security of the Blockchain depends on the difficulty in solving the mathematical problems underlying. It is for this reason that quantum computers, which are able to perform calculations at the speed of light, can seem like a big threat. However, the people who assert that reached the end of the chain of blocks are wrong. Only to declare to have attained the supremacy quantum, as said by Google, does not mean that you have control over Blockchain. Even some research reveals that the progress of Google are rather modest. With this premise match not only the critics of Google, but also IBM. This last, then a strange war of words, he said that his competitor was exaggerating with the importance of your achievement in regard to quantum computers. However, something that the community cryptography if you need to be aware is about the progress of quantum computers. While the technology advancement, the chains of blocks should maintain a pace of innovation not to be overcome.

Areas that Blockchain should strengthen

Quantum computers could not only represent a threat to the Blockchain in security issues. There are two other areas where this technology needs to improve so that new discoveries do not exceed. The second capacity refers to the topics of agility cryptographic. This concept refers to the ability of the developers to improve a chain of blocks. In this case, would be used for the strength properties of the quantum can be implemented after the network is operational. Due to the large number of projects being built in Blockchain, its ability to update its own components in a continuous manner will be crucial. The third has to do with the governance of the chain of blocks. Due to the uncertainty about when will quantum computers to scale, the projects Blockchain must establish procedures to determine when and how to deploy updates “quantum safe,” in their networks. This could represent the greatest challenge of all. The problem is that to achieve the governance has been difficult to date. It is critical that the people in the space cryptographic begin to think seriously about this. So that the governance is not an obstacle to the improvement of the technology. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of International Studies, interested in new technologies and their impact on the world. A true believer that tenacity is the foundation of success.

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