Question whether or not bitcoin is $ 70,000 will be after 2020

Before the year began, it was expected to become by the year 2020. The bitcoinkoers would be considerably increased, partly because of the next bitcoin block halving. The coronacrisis the expectations of some updating, but some of them continue to be very positive. Thus, it remains a positive, and he was the analyst behind the stock-to-flow model in bitcoin. Himself he is hoping to have a value of $ 70,000, and he does not tell you in what period of time.

$ 70,000, after the block halving?

In a little Over a month, it is with the influx of new bitcoins is halved, that is, the bitcoin block halving was called. A decrease in supply and an equal demand, the price of bitcoin will rise. The more difficult it is to get a good to produce, how scarce it is. And how more and more scarce, the higher the price. This is the reasoning behind the stock-to-flow model, of PlanB.
In the last years of the period, and the price is around $ 7,000. In accordance with the stock-to-flow model, the average share price over the next few years, at around the 90,000 u.s. dollars. Sometimes it lowers the price below the line and sometimes above it, but by and large it follows the price of the current model.

If you want to know more about the bitcoin block halving? Take a look at our video:

Will bitcoin be a safe haven in the economic crisis?

It will be interesting to see if it is a model of PlanB will continue to hold. Bitcoin has existed since 2009, and for a long moment, the biggest impact of the credit crisis of 2007 and 2008. Markets such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&p 500 in march of 2009, and continued from there on their way to the top. In other words, bitcoin has only existed during a period of economic progress.
What will happen to bitcoin in an economic crisis? The opponents of bitcoin will see cryptocurrency as a risk-increasing investment. Goudinvesteerder Peter Schiff, for example, has nothing good to say about bitcoin:

Others, however, expect that bitcoin, like gold, as a safe harbor, it is in use. As expected, private equity fund manager Mark Yusko, that investors in bitcoin will be used in order to hedge against the decline in value of fiat currencies like the Us dollar.

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