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Report: JPMorgan you can merge your project Blockchain with Ethereum Studio Consensys

Quorum reported for the first time in 2016, which was a first step towards the construction of a system that could connect to private institutions through distributed networks. Since then, Quorum has added privacy features of Ethereum and a major renovation based on the Java programming language in an attempt to facilitate the use and deployment of the companies. It has also been used as the basis for the information network inter-bank JPM, which now has more than 365 banks on board. The platform aims to enable the member banks to exchange information in real time, which allows them to verify that the payments have been approved. In may 2019, the bank staff suggested that a Quorum could be cleaved, although it was not clear if that would be the case at this point. So it could be seen in the report published this morning.

William Shatner doubt that Craig Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin

Captain Kirk does not seem to be convinced that the computer australian Craig Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin (BTC). William Shatner, the canadian actor who played Captain Kirk in the original series of Star Trek, and suggested that Wright is not behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the criptomoneda seminal. In a tweet on February 11, Shatner said: “Ask yourself why someone would claim to be Satoshi and offer zero test. Or you’re holding or you shut up, right? The discussion began after a Twitter user to respond to the announcement of Shatner being in an event of cryptocurrencies expressing the hope that “the Satoshi fake was not there”. After clarifying that this was a reference to Craig Wright, another Twitter user stated that Wright is in fact Satoshi and Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the Bitcoin real, to which Shatner replied : “why don’t you give it a try? From what I have read is that a mysterious messenger linked to deliver the keys (which honestly is a scene from Back to the Future). If it is, you should be able to try it out. This is like the modern search of Anastasia”.

The budget proposal of the president, Donald Trump will investigate crimes cryptographic

The budget proposal of the president, the Donald Trump of $ 4.8 trillion by 2021 expected to re-strengthen the Secret Service with the Treasury Department to improve the investigation of cyber crimes and financial. Established in 1865, the Secret Service was created as a department within the Treasury in charge of protecting the us currency against the risks of counterfeiting. In 2002, the Secret Service was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security, a measure that Trump now wants to reverse. This, according to the administration, “it will create new efficiencies” in the investigation of financial crimes, which have evolved and are becoming more and more difficult to combat: “The technological advances in the last decades, as the cryptocurrencies and the growing interconnectedness of the international financial market, have given rise to criminal organizations that are more complex and have revealed strong links between financial crimes and electronic and the financing of terrorists and state actors are corrupt”.

Coinbase adds support for 2 cryptocurrencies more in the state of New York

After leaving Zcash in your operation in the Uk last year, Coinbase has now added the criptomoneda to improve the privacy in the state of New York. The exchange of encryption with headquarters in San Francisco announced the news in a tweet on Monday, saying that state residents can now buy, sell and exchange zcash (ZTC) in Coinbase.com, as well as in their iOS apps and Android. Last August, Coinbase UK left silently the support for Zcash, without providing any reason in letters to their customers. However, the measurement occurred when the dampers british said that the exchange platforms may need to provide personal data on the transactions of cryptocurrencies. Zcash allows users the option to hide (or protect) the details of your transactions using a type of zero knowledge proof called zk-SNARKs. Coinbase had said previously when you added zcash at the end of 2018, which would admit both addresses shielded as not armoured, but only allow withdrawals are not shielded. The exchange of users of New York also announced on Monday the addition of a stable currency USDC pegged to the dollar, first issued by Coinbase and Circle Financial as part of the consortium CENTER in the fall of 2018. The following two tabs change content below. Venezuelan, student of the last semester of Social Communication. Attracted by the new technologies and the development that they offer to humanity.

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