Rakuten opens its crypto-exchange to users

“The Amazon of japan “, Rakuten has opened its exchange services stock-based crypto-currencies after you have obtained a license from the financial regulatory authority of Japan (FSA). Now the trading will be available from the portfolio of the platform.

Services open for the customers of the bank

Rakuten has communicated the opening of its platform crypto-market to customers of the bank while encouraging them to register on the account Rakuten Wallet to take advantage of the trading services.

After the explanation of the group, the crypto-platform will support the digital assets to improve the services of the bank and at the same time promote the technology Blockchain & Crypto investor.

Currently, Rakuten accepts payments through crypto in 29 different countries.

A crypto-stock exchange regulated

In Japan, the regulation is very meticulous security and transparency of data.

Thus, Rakuten will have waited for the approval of the Financial Service Authority (FSA) to operate the track crypto.

In addition, Rakuten is not at its first attempt in the services to crypto, given that the group had acquired Everybody’s Bitcoin in 2018, allowing him to experience the ecosystem of the tokens digital before finalizing an application for a license with the FSA.

Also, the financial regulatory authority of Japan has sufficiently fulfilled the criteria in terms of safety, management and efficiency to launch its platform for crypto-exchange (crypto-stock exchange).

On the other hand, identification procedures, KYC have been introduced to ensure the transparency of the data.

“We have improved the care of our customers by introducing a chat service line to auto-answer using the artificial intelligence technology that responds to their requests 24h/24. “

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