Rate Pump, PwC partnership, and Google Trends

Cardano is currently experiencing a positive Momentum. Spurred on by many factors, such as the EU cooperation, the PwC partnership or cooperation with the Georgian state, there is also a growing Cardano (ADA) rate. In this article, we will go again to the currently most important Cardano News.
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Cardano News: EU cooperation and PwC partnership

For Cardano, it seems to run well these days. In the past few weeks, positive Cardano News appeared again and again. The speech is of the talks with the former Georgian Prime on the Blockchain Economic Forum in Davos, the cooperation with the European Union and the partnership with the auditing giant PwC. A Chronology:
The Abundance of Cardano News began in the framework of the World Economic forum and the Blockchain Economic forum in Davos. Charles Hoskinson announced that he was intense with the former Georgian Prime Minister about the Potential of the Blockchain (and Cardano in Particular) below. In this context, both acknowledge also the cooperation between IOHK and the Georgian state. Cardano will represent in this framework, some sectors of the public administration and the education system on a Blockchain.

Cardano established with public institutions & countries

For further upwind, the News provided for cooperation with the European Union. As we already reported two days ago, is Cardano and IOHK to work with an Institution of the European Union to explore the use cases for the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology (DLT). This is scores clear that Cardano in the case of official institutions (be it the EU or the Georgian government) through its scientific approach.
Last, but not least, we spoke to Charles Hoskinson, in his Ask-me-Anything (AMA) from 27.01 (see source) about the current progress of Cardano. Here, Hoskinson also revealed the partnership between the Cardano Foundation and PwC. PwC is one of the so-called “Big Four of Auditing companies”, and shall be in addition to KMPG, Ernst & Young and Deloitte one the leading auditing companies. The partnership is of great importance as the PwC has a global network and with an enormous Expertise points. To put it differently: with the partnership between PwC and Cardano, an important step in the direction of the global Adoption and use of Cardano is in progress.

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Google Trends show an increase of 130 percent

This Wealth of Cardano News has obviously also of interest for the project. A good indicator for the current, General interest of the view in Google Trends. Here, we can trace the development of the searches for a specific keyword (“Cardano”) over time.

A look at the development of the last seven days shows us that it is precisely in terms of the AMA and the proclamation of the News with the EU and PwC, a significant increase in search queries resulted in a confirmation of the positive Momentum.
In the medium to long term (6-12 months) we see, however, that the current searches are still significantly below the Peak from last year in April. Let us have a look at the price of ADA.

Cardano rate rises to 60 percent in 30 days

As is so often the result of good News and increased interest in a rising price. This is true Formally, in the context of Cardano (ADA), we see at a glance on the price Performance of the last 30 days. The ADA rate increased from 0.030 USD to the current level of ~ $ 0.050. This corresponds to a massive increase of 60 percent in 30 days.

So, we can the following hold: Cardano is currently in a bullish Phase. The sum of a growing interest in positive partnerships, and thus a rising price give Cardano positive Momentum. For the stock market, the current price of a stock always reflects the expectations of the future. You want to apply this rule also on the crypto market, we can conclude that the investors Cardano ascribe to the moment a large potential. In this sense, it will be on medium-term view, it is important that Cardano is the currently high expectations. Don’t make it to Charles Hoskinson and co. however, to this expectation, this could lead to a change in the rating of the ADA course.
How would you rate the current News to Cardano? – Bullish or the expectation of the investors is too high?
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