Recognize opportunities in the markets

The epicenter of the traders is based on finding opportunities with the fall and recovery of the stock markets and Forex, as well, Carlos Game explains in the Trading Mastery Summit how to achieve it.

On this third day of Trading Mastery Summit, the presentations have focused on the technical analysis and in the construction of own trading systems. Therefore, the goal of this summit is to achieve that the stakeholders in the trading to gain the basic tools to achieve to thrive in the world of trading.


The importance of the financial institutions in the markets

Carlos Game, based on his 14 years of experience in the market of stock market, explains that the trends of the market are created by the financial institutions.

Considering that understanding these trends allow you to recognize the opportunities in the markets and the Forex market.

Therefore, throughout his keynote, he showed multiple examples of changes of trends drastic, with operations in multi-million which allowed an increase in the numbers at that time in the stock market.

He thus explained that, unlike the traders, the independent must rely on the trends in the market, the institutions will not wait for a moment of high or low in the market. If you do not these companies to multi-million dollar are responsible for the creation of these momentums.

In addition, he explained that in this lies the common mistake of the traders according to their point of view, since they do not have knowledge of the market. If not that is based on a very small sign and not handled.

That is why it is important to understand the movements of the institutions and their purchases of institutional. Keep up with the pace of the companies is fundamental to be able to read the opportunities.

The rules to recognize the opportunities in the market

Carlos reveals their tactics to read the market. And makes it clear that it is based on three basic laws of macroeconomics to get the readings accurate in the stock market. The laws are the following:

Supply and Demand: When the demand in the market exceeds the supply, prices go up.Effort and Result: The results are issued in proportion to the effort. That is nothing more than the reflection of the operations on the volume.Cause and Effect: For an effect requires a cause and the effect will be proportional to the cause. This is based on the accumulation and the distribution.

He added, that the situations of turning the world allow you to better implement these laws.

Because when you start to collapse the market or actions, to cause crisis and events in the world, it generates the ability to recognize the opportunities in the markets.

Carlos Game explains how to recognize opportunities in the stock markets and on Forex in the Trading Mastery Summit.

How to be a good trader?

For Carlos, being a good trader goes against human nature, because this nature urges that you should not invest money in certain operations, but rely on these impulses will not allow you to be a good trader.

Instead, you must maintain control of the operations. Having the ability acquired by training and study, to recognize the opportunities in the markets. Since Carlos thinks that in the world of trading not need a lot of money if you do not, knowledge.

Trading Mastery Summit: from 27 July to 30 July

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