Record number of Bitcoin and co.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies, with institutional investors becoming more and more popular. The data from Grayscale, one of the largest asset managers for BTC and co. show

A few weeks ago, we have summarized the official Q2 report is Grayscale, has given us an insight into the behavior of institutional investors. In Grayscale, was able to record a growth of over 80% for the first quarter and a total of over 900 million USD for the Bitcoin Trust, and other to collect. Yesterday there was another Update of Grayscale on Twitter. Let us look at briefly what it is about and what information can we draw from this message.

Grayscale reached a record amount in Bitcoin, Ethereum and co.

Grayscale has provided with its Q2 report a lot of attention. No wonder when purchased in Q2 alone, Grayscale more BTC than re-produced. The demand from institutional investors this year, is unlikely to stop. It is the breaking of one record after the other. However, it is only the beginning, because it is relatively small volumes when compared with the traditional market. But it’s an important step to establish Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Many refer to the “Big Money” and follow the Landing strategies of the professional investors.

Yesterday, Grayscale, has published on Twitter an Update of the current Numbers of its crypto-financial products. A new record was achieved, using the altendem assets. A total of Grayscale currently manages 5.1 billion USD in crypto-currencies.

At the presentation you recognize wonderfully that the Bitcoin Trust is experiencing the highest demand, and a total of 4.3 billion USD, occupies. With 581,7 million USD of the Ethereum Trust is cut off far but also shows a relatively high interest of institutional investors. Further, the Ethereum Classic Trust, with 80.4 million USD again. Bitcoin is Cash, Zcash and Litecoin moving at about 9-12 million USD. The losers XRP, Horizon, and Stellar are.

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Rising demand meets falling supply

The interesting news is that 11 days ago, the total investment volume in Grayscale, the eighth in the approximately 1 billion USD less in total. Thus, the company was able to collect in under 2 weeks, over $ 1 billion from various investors. The majority of investments (about 84%) came from institutional investors, which are dominated by Hedge funds.

What kind of information we are now able to see this message? It is clear that institutional investors start to diversify your Portfolio with Bitcoin. Indeed, there are sound reasons why BTC should be part of every good Portfolio. Due to the growing interest of large investors not only Bitcoin, but other crypto-currencies of the always established. This automatically leads to a higher Adoption. If we consider now that Bitcoin is extremely limited, and every four years, the production rate is halved, then rising demand meets falling supply. What happens in these conditions over the long term with the price, can think of any at this point myself.

We are curious to see how the Figures develop in Grayscale and will keep you informed.

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