Reddcoin (RDD): Factors Fueling the Sudden Price Rise – Learn More

Reddcoin (RDD): Factors Fueling the Sudden Price Rise – Learn More

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Cryptocurrency analysts are now entertaining the possibility of Reddcoin (RDD) prices rising higher this year. The last 24 hours has been exceptionally good for this crypto coin as its trading price rose to more than 700%.  There was also a 20% increase at about the same time. With this upsurge, crypto traders are now wondering: How high can Reddcoin rise?

There are varied reactions from virtual currency experts as to this issue. Some believe that a dollar could be hit in the future, while some feel that the trading price gives it an improbable value of more than $2 billion. Nevertheless, unrealistic valuation does not exist in the cryptocurrency market. There are notable differences between stock market valuation and cryptocurrency value estimation.

Even Ripple rose to more than $3, so there is also a possibility that Reddcoin (RDD) can achieve its ultimate goal of becoming the “like” button of the entire internet. Bittrex plays a major role in the sudden trading price surge of RDD. The company recently publicized that the registration for new accounts shall be made available to the public following its closure in December.

Small altcoins that previously utilized the Bittrex platform are now elated with the recent development. Reddcoin apparently belongs to this set of altcoins which explains quite a lot about the unexpected price growth. With this trading volume progress, it is expected that many cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts will invest in RDD anytime soon.

Reddcoin aims to allow micro-payments through social media even with all the latest fiasco concerning data privacy. In fact, Facebook considers making the transaction deal a paid one. If the plan pushes through, Reddcoin will be one of the most practicable coins that can effectively carry out the service.

Investors are excited with this possibility especially at this time when the price surge has occurred at almost the same time as the social media debacle. Moreover, investors are motivated to capitalize on the promise of acquiring high volumes, even with less capital. Trading price is currently at $0.005, and rise to a dollar is very much expected within the year.

So long as the cryptocurrency traders and investors continue to take a liking in Reddcoin (RDD), it could end up becoming one of the best-performing altcoins for 2018.

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