Relationship bank’s BOD with the cryptocurrencies

The Bank of Venezuela BOD announced on February 14th that it would work with the cryptocurrencies. In the first place, by offering a service called BOD Mode Crypto. As well stated by the BOD on his Twitter account:

History of the Banco Occidental de descuento (BOD)

According to Victor Vargas Irausquin, chairman of the Financial Group BOD:

“This bank started its operations in Maracaibo, venezuela, in July of 1957. First of all, to boost the sectors of commercial, industrial, and agricultural in the west of the country.”

The BOD is the first bank in Venezuela that assumes this cutting-edge. However, the international banking was already luring its users with the world of crypto, for the use of the cryptocurrencies, from a while ago. Despite having repudiated in its infancy. The service that you bet the BOD in this opportunity points to a schema each time more dynamic in terms of operability. While customers will be able to refer you to people that are running frequent transactions in the different exchange.

BOD with the cryptocurrencies

This Way Crypto is to provide the specialized service in the segment of operations with the cryptocurrencies. Also, expanding the commercial offer to support the user in their banking tasks. The new service of the Banco Occidental de descuento (BOD), will allow customers, exchanges, and payment systems can coincide in the same environment. Through this proposal, it integrates international trends, incorporating an offer agile and dynamic coexistence total with the regulations established by the Superintendencia Nacional de Criptoactivos and Related Activities (SUNACRIP).

Advantages of the BOD Mode Crypto

To create a community for operations in BOD.Transactions without boundaries, exclusively between customers BOD-BOD.Run transfers adjusted in the behavior of your operations with the cryptocurrencies.Refer customers who make frequent operations, in the various exchanges.Having a consultancy specialised bank, in addition to the support of the BOD. In this way, the BOD is active in the Mode Crypto, diversifying its range of services, adapting to the technologies that today are at the forefront and rewire the financial system.

Something curious about the Way Crypto

Neither in the statement nor in the web page you specify which are the cryptocurrencies that you can settle, or the specific requirements for access to the platform. New financial services are emerging. Would you dare to use the Mode Crypto BOD?

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