retrieves the Bitcoin today for the $ 10,000 prize?

A hair on your head! So sad it is that the bitcoin of today is the $ 10,000 was lost. However, just before the champagne bottles could arrive, the share price went up again. Unfortunately, we were still excited about it. What can we do in the next few days of bitcoin, expect?

CME, Gap is filled

The bitcoinkoers was hard to fell, just in time for the bitcoin halving. You can see if your price chart is looking at, or to that of Bitstamp.
But, at the CME Group, you could see it drop is not. CME Group is offering bitcoin futures contracts, on which can you speculate on a price decrease or a price increase. At the weekend, CME Group is closed. At that time, bitcoin had no price.
And then there’s the weird situations that arise, such as a ‘hole’ in the course. That name is also referred to as a gap.
This is the gap, you can clearly see in the charts below, and we will give you a oval-shaped on both of the graphs. On the left you can see the chart of the CME Group, which is to the right of the bitcoinkoers chart is from Bitstamp. Every candle on the chart represents one hour.

The theory goes that investors, as a hole and want to fill it. Or, in other words, the price should be in the next day, and the value of the gap to go up. And that will happen within the opening hours of the CME Group.
This is done in the direction of the hole of the CME Group it all the way to eliminate it. That will affect bitcoin in a total of less than four days.

Finally, escape?

We zoom out from the graph, and the strategy is to focus on the dollar exchange rate from Bitstamp. Every candle on the chart represents one week, and you can look at the koershistorie by the end of 2017 up to and including the present day.

The two lines are the two moving averages, or moving averages. The red line is the 50-week Moving Average, green line is the 200-week Moving Average. These lines are commonly used in technical analysis as a kind of dynamic resistance and support.
In the past, the 200-week Moving Average has a strong support it has shown. Still bouncing the price up and when it comes to the green line on touch. That’s what happened at the end of 2018, but in march, when the economy was hit by the outbreak of the corona virus.
The 50-week Moving Average, it is the point at which the exchange rate is often a lot of effort to. In 2019, slowed down the growth rate of the exchange rate that is more than a one-off, that is, we give it to the first circle. This year saw a decline in the growth rate around the 50-week Moving Average. But for now, it seems that the rate of support was found to have it. To $ 10,000 and higher.

When in doubt, zoom out

You’re just standing there, looking ever to the same period of time, but we have to zoom out to maandniveau. That will give us a clearer picture of the resistance and the support.

The blue line on the graph, 9.300, the $ 8.620 million). The bitcoin up until now, only seven managed to get in excess of this level to the end.
Since October of 2019 and has a single bitcoin worth in order to the month with over 9.300 dollars to join. It is a strong immunity. Will they succeed this time? This is a very positive sign for the months to come.

We expect the bitcoin price to

But what can we expect in the next few days? We zoom in on the chart below, each candle represents a day.
Today bitcoin is already an effort, who we are trying for two in the direction of $ 10,000 (9.270 euro) for now. For the time being, this is still a very strong resistance on the graph, this level of the menu bar.
This is $ 10,500 (9.731 euro) in the image, which is the green line on the chart.
At the end of april, was made by 9,200 us dollars (8.523 euros), a resistor, and now it is used as a support. In the graph, we add this zone to the red beam. Drop the price, you can get to the area.

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