Ripple does not leave the bad results

Ripple (XRP), the third criptomoneda most important thing in the world, continues to present the results are not as good, at least in comparison to other crypto projects. What has generated the progressive loss of the confidence of the people in your crypto ecosystem.

CEO of Ripple is no pleasure in Davos

In the last edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in Davos Switzerland, the hodlers of XRP were surprised to read the statements of the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, on the possibility that the company behind the progress of the third criptomoneda largest of all traded in any securities market to the public in an “Initial Public Offering” (IPO). Although the implications which could affect the price of XRP of the price of Ripple are not clear yet. The hodls of XRP have felt that this is another hard negative impact on your confidence.

Ripple will be the leader of the IPOS within the crypto-verse. We will not be neither the first nor the last to be listed publicly in the projects in this technology, but without a doubt we will be on the winning side. Said the CEO of Ripple in Davos.

We might think that this is a very good news for the crypto ecosystem, as more and more crypto major companies, like Ripple, are earning your place within the current of thought main. However, it is very hasty to draw conclusions. You must take into consideration that the third criptomoneda most important of the currently has a dependency very much intertwined with the behavior of Ripple. Normally if the crypto signature behind the development of XRP comes up with a good idea, that positively affects the level of prices of your criptomoneda. And also vice versa. So, the question that you are making the hodls of XRP is the following: What happens if the IPO goes wrong and the market valuation of Ripple falls for the ground? What will happen to the price of XRP and thus what effects it will have on the hit ecosystem of Hodlers?

Initially, after the ipo, the market participants could be patient, but soon they will be results. If the results do not arrive, this will affect the prices of the shares and hence the of XRP.Comment on the hodlers of XRP.

Ripple stopped flooding the market

The data for the last quarter of the year 2019 show that Ripple is not sold as much XRP as at the beginning of last year, which caused a downward trend in the performance of this important crypto in the course of the year. And therefore the wrath of the hodlers of XRP. Ripple also reported at this important conference, a considerable decrease in the sales of XRP in the last quarter of the year 2019. Then why the price is still in free fall?. In its last quarterly report, Ripple revealed a substantial decrease in the sales of XRP. In total, the company sold 13 million $ in XRP in the last quarter. A decrease of 80 % of the 66 million $ in XRP that sold Ripple in the third quarter of the same year. Taking into consideration also that this is the lowest sum of the last 3 years. The significant reduction of the flood occurs as part of the mission of Ripple of act taking in consideration the effects that could have sales of XRP in the price of this criptomoneda. The question is do the experts, and that they still have no answer is why are the prices still going down? Is it the beginning of the end of XRP?. The following two tabs change content below. Economics student at UCV. Advocate of individual freedoms and of course also of the market and the cryptocurrencies.

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