Ripple injects a billion XRP on the market

Faithful to its practices as at the beginning of each month, Ripple, the society of crypto-currencies based in San Francisco, has spilled over into the crypto-market is a billion XRP to a value of approximately $ 226 million.

A practice not very clear

Although this operation is no longer disliked by the community crypto, the reasons for the company to release funds continue to provoke the same question :

“For what reason Ripple has-t-he need of over 200 million dollars of funds every month ? ”

In fact, the company prefers to be silent and fails to provide explanations in this regard, neither the allocation of these funds. Team Ripple has merely stated that it is a mere convention, and that the practice has been adopted since a good time already.

A decrease in the number for the XRP

Observers expect that the funds it provides to support a large sale of assets, and yet it is nothing, because the company had registered a significant slowdown of its sales to individuals during these last few months.
It would, in fact, achieved a turnover of 13.08 million dollars in the fourth quarter of the previous year, against 66,24 ; 251,51 and 169,42 million, respectively, in the third, second and first quarter.
Moreover,she had also suspended sales of common XRP on the exchange sites, crypto-currency market during the third and fourth quarters.

“Ripple has continued to break sales programme, focusing only on our sales of otc (OTC) with a few strategic partners, which reinforce the value and liquidity of XRP in strategic regions such as EMEA and Asia,” she argued at the time.

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