Ripple is better than Bitcoin? – CEO criticises BTC as a means of payment

In these days, also rotates in the Crypto-Space, everything to the world economic forum in Davos. Also, the CEO of the company Ripple was present and gave some Interviews. Yesterday we had reported about the fact that Ripple is planning in the next 12 months, apparently, an IPO, which could in the long term, have a positive impact on the XRP price. In an Interview with the Wall street Journal, Brad garlinghouse railed against Bitcoin (BTC). In his opinion BTC is more suitable as a store of value, but not as a means of payment. The statements are correct, or the CEO is using the statements only to make advertising for Ripple and XRP?

Ripple’s CEO, Brad garlinghouse as a BTC Fan

On the sidelines of the world economic forum in the Swiss Davos Brad Galinghouse took part in a Ripple-organized Event called “Ripple Panel: Changing the Finance Industry From Within”. There is no full recording of the interview with the Wall Street Journal, but on the basis of the Posts by Asheesh Birla, a leading employee in the case of Ripple, let the words of garling house to reconstruct it.
The Ripple-in-chief is to be long-term bullish in terms of BTC, but only with regard to the aspect of the Store-of-Value. To be in the ability of BTC is a common means of payment, he sees more black. As an example, he draws on the purchase of a Cup of coffee. This would be the Chews with BTC cold before you get it at all.

I am optimistic about BTC as a store of value, but not for payments. You do not want to use BTC at Starbucks b/c until you get your coffee, it will be cold.“

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Statements with truth?

The statements of Brad Garlinghouse is likely to cause the most Crypto-Fans with mixed feelings. Because on the one hand, it is, of course, on the positive side, one of the most famous personalities in the Crypto-Space and is advertising for the Store-of-Value ability of BTC.
On the other hand, the statements of the CEOs reflect only half of the truth, which is why the suspicion is close that Garlinghouse makes indirect advertising for Ripple. Currently, BTC is not actually as widely used payment means can be used. The Problem of scalability could be solved with the Second-Layer-Solution “Lightning” or the side-chain “Liquid”, however, what the criticism undone would be.
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