Ripple is expanding into Europe with the acquisition of Algrim, XRP price rise of almost 9 per cent Breaking News

Ripple is a busy time with the acquisition of several companies. Today’s report Ripple and that they have spread to Iceland, by Algrim is about to take over.

Which will Ripple to achieve?

The acquisition will add six engineers to the staff of the Ripple. They will be mainly working on the integration of Ripple and XRP in the online cryptobeurzen.
Ripple takes off really big and Algrim in Iceland, and was appointed one of the engineering hubs for the company. This was the second European establishment, the Ripple is also in London.
Amir Sarhangi, Vice President of products, of Ripple, has to say about the acquisition:

“It has been a long time, and it has a lot of experience, in lieu of that, we have a new team must be build up in order to get to know.”

Algrim, and Ripple work great together

Algrim has been for the past two years to more than thirty markets to be integrated on their own that it is developing a crypto trading platform. They are proud of the experience, they say, for more than a decade of experience to add to the Ripple.
Algrim’s managing director, Dadi Armannsson, has described the decision to become a member of a Ripple as if a logical decision. He says:
“Both companies have a vision in order to ensure that the digital resources, and the blockchain is more widely accepted it is. This is in line with where we are in the last few years, and have worked with.”

A positive impact on the share price

In XRP, you see that this kind of news, the stock price moves up. Today, the share price has risen by nearly nine per cent. You are, of course, can never be one hundred percent certain that the increase is due to the news of the acquisition, but it’s too much of a coincidence if it’s not related to one another.Earlier this year, we made a Ripple showcase their partnership with MoneyGram. as well as, increased the share price by as much as nine percent of the time. Last week, Ripple is still well-known Logos, the Network is about to take over.

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