Ripple is the future of payments? Money match, reported by 40% cost reduction

Ripple has made not only in 2019 good steps forward, but also in this year. The XRP price could not recover from the severe downturn in 2019 up to now. This Ripple has set itself the goal to revolutionize the international payments. The San Francisco-based company has been working intensively for some years and is already seeing some success. Now there is a positive message from the company money match in terms of cost optimization by RippleNet of Ripple.

40% cost reduction due to the Ripple payment network

Money match is a Malaysian company that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to make cross-border payments to your suppliers. Money match announced now that the accession has reduced the global payment network, Ripple in April 2018, the costs of up to 40%.According to the CEO and co-founder of the company, Adrian Yap, can Ripple help in solving some of the problems that the Start-Up employs. After the company has become a Partner of RippleNet, supports money match financial institutions and payment providers in more than 100 countries.The cost reduction is derived from the fees, which no longer had to pay the company to banks. Banks prioritize namely, according to the CEO of our larger customers with a higher transaction volume.

We had trouble to find a decent European Partner, and sat down to use the Swift System to make payments. Through the cooperation with the RippleNet partners, we were able to reduce our costs by up to 40%. Instead of the transactions lasted at least two days, we were able to handle the payments in just a few hours

XRP exchange rate remains unaffected

The company added that the lower fees may also be to your customers, which in turn could lead to more new customers and higher transaction volumes.The development of Ripple is of course nice of XRP to look at but rate shows little to no reaction. This is of course also due to the fact that the RippleNet the XRP Token you do not use. Therefore, the success of the Ripple effect is not forced on the XRP price.We are looking forward to whether we’ll take this year more companies to On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution of the Ripple. In this solution, XRP is used as a bridge currency to make international payments faster and cheaper. Only then will we see a real Chance of a sustainable rise in XRP price.Find the right one for you tax Tool. In our tax tool comparison for Bitcoin & Co, you can find out which providers are there and where are their Strengths and weaknesses lie. Choose currencies for you the optimal Tool for easy and hassle-free tax return for Bitcoin and Crypto. For comparison go.How do you see the future of Ripple and XRP? Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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