Ripple is wandering aimlessly? Investors are debating alarming for the future of XRP

After a short XRP price rise to about 0,344$ in mid-February of this year, Ripples native crypto-currency has slipped now and again into the basement. The market capitalization is the fourth-biggest digital asset, increased in the year 2020, only about 5% and is currently trading at around 0.20$.

So, the XRP price to the chagrin of the investors in any way possible, on the Altoin-Party of the last few weeks to participate. Be the modest increase pales even currencies in comparison to other leading Crypto. Bitcoin has seen gains of about 32%, while Ethereum has even put 101% in.

Because the XRP price could not connect the positive Momentum of many Altcoins, start again, increasingly Worried about whether Ripple and above all, XRP really the glorious future, as the widespread Narrative of “banking Coin” promises. Or it is not more than just a nice Good night story?

Ripple with XRP is disoriented?

The payment company based in San Francisco, owns more than half of the total supply of XRP, and are pushing on several fronts to the introduction of crypto-currency.

Only yesterday we have reported that the former is also a frequently raised point of criticism. Last, the question was raised, why is Ripple simply by burning all of the XRP, which should originally be anyway given away. Just as it has done, namely, the Stellar Foundation with their huge supply of XLM with a positive effect on the rate.

Now a question from a concerned Reddit User suggested recently with regard to the Vision of the Ripple waves. He raised the question of whether Ripple has a clear objective for XRP before the eyes, or rather, aimlessly wanders, in order to give your product a purpose.

Source: Reddit

Some of the User made to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), responsible for the fact that Ripple with XRP as the Thread writes the Creator – “aimless” is displayed because it has not adopted clearer rules, whether it is in the case of XRP to a security or not. You give to bear in mind that Ripple is paralyzed by the ongoing actions in their Expansion of the Ecosystem around XRP literally.

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Others are skeptical that in fact the regulatory factors are to the success of XRP in the way. They argue that the Ripples of XRP powered product for cross-border payments, the On-Demand liquidity (ODL), not in regions where there is regulatory clarity, yet always in motion.

Banks and financial institutions in countries where there is regulatory clarity on this, it’s still not in a hurry to get in the ODL Board. It is becoming increasingly clear that no one is really interested in ODL. It is time to bring this shit to a different way to see whether you will stand.

Strong words, obviously, increasingly frustrated XRP investors.

The future will show whether the partnership Ripple with the financial Titan, SBI Holdings is a sign of what is yet to come. But while the future is uncertain, it is already clear today that has to do with XRP and Ripple a lot. Because currently, the XRP price has seen, seemingly only a direction and points to the South.

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