Ripple Labs makes a gift of $ 200,000 to the fight against the COVID-19

The community crypto continues to manifest its solidarity with the victims, but especially to strengthen the prevention of the pandemic of sars Coronavirus. Ripple Labs then puts the hand to the pocket to provide $ 200,000 to two non-profit institutions that work to support this noble cause.

An envelope of $ 100 000 each

Two organizations in california will benefit from the generosity of Ripple, i.e. the Tipping Point Emergency’s Response Fund and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s COVID Regional Response Fund, and will each receive $ 100,000.
The choice of Ripple to fund these two institutions is explained by their commitment without limits in social works. Tipping Point has set as its main objective the eradication of poverty in the city of San Francisco, and the association needs to raise a million dollars to carry out the fight against the COVID-19.
The Silicon Valley Community Foundation, it mobilizes its resources for the company to implement the measures enacted by the government in order to protect the lives of the citizens of the Silicon Valley.

Scammers abound on the web

If the COVID-19 is considered to be the sworn enemy of all the Nations of the world, the area of crypto-currencies is always alert in the face of acts of evil that torment the members of the sphere of crypto. It is sufficient that the announcement through a tweet on the official website of Ripple for that the crooks are rushing to try to rip off the canvas.
The crypto-scammers invent the scam sites on YouTube by spoofing the identity of the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, in order to solicit users little gullible to deposit funds in view of an alleged support for people with the coronavirus.
Garlinghouse is unworthy openly vis-à-vis these reprehensible acts and warned on his Twitter account:

“Enough is enough – in this time of global crisis, where people are particularly vulnerable – the social platforms required to keep the crooks (…) responsible for stealing the money of innocent victims with fake gifts “.

What do you think of this gesture on the part of Ripple Labs for the victims of the COVID-19 ? Respond in the comments section below.
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