Ripple price increase by 10 percent

After the last year for the Ripple price remained with a loss of 47 per cent, less than modest, were mixed the cards this year, obviously new. Because the XRP exchange rate was climbing since the 01.01.2020 already 69 percent, and even Bitcoin to outperform. Also on this day, the Ripple rate rocket and XRP lit increased by a further 10 per cent.
The recent rate increases are already commented euphoric. Binance.US made here for special attention because they used in a recent Tweet the Hashtag: #XRPTheStandard. We take a look at the latest happenings around the Ripple rate.

Ripple rate on the rise – XRP with bullishem Momentum

Not only in the past, but already in the penultimate year of the Ripple rate was beating strongly. A look at the XRP price Performance from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2019 shows us the whole extent of:

The price of 1 XRP fell from 2.39 USD on 02.01.2018 to just ‘puny acting’ $ 0.19 on 31.12.2019. Thus, XRP lost within 2 years, a whopping 92% of its value. In comparison, BTC had to lose in the same period ‘only’ 47 per cent. However, since the beginning of the new decade, the XRP seems to have flags in the Wind filmed:
The Ripple rate could increase by nearly 70% and now stands at 0.32 on the Dollar. Even if XRP is still far from its all-time high, sees Ripple CEO, Brad garlinghouse increases in the most recent course as a successful turning point. So Garlinghouse tweeted with a broad chest that XRP have this year, the ‘wide crypto market and BTC’ outperformed.

Binance.US to start the Hashtag #XRPTheStandard

Back wind for this Statement Garlinghouse received from the U.S. Binance offshoot, Binance.US. Because in a Tweet from the 12.02.2020 the US Version of Binance not geizte to laudatory words for Ripple and XRP. The O-tone of the Tweets is:

Attack on Binance.US on #XRP, the future of the payment transfers for banks to. #XRPTheStandard.

Spicy this Tweet is in the sense that Binance.American XRP is not attested only in the future (cross-border) payments in the Bank being present. No, Binance.The US even goes a step further and is called ‘XRP to the Standard’. Thus, the offshoot of the world’s largest Crypto-Exchange XRP ennobles now officially.
The a message like this makes the Ripple rate to rise, so it should surprise no one. Because if such a Tweet is no causal explanation for an increase in the price of the XRP Tokens by using as a bridge currency is issued, it is likely, however, the term ‘XRPTheStandard’, the dollar sign to many investors in the eyes light up.

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Germany Wallet brings Ripple 3 million new Users

In addition to all these emotional and laudatory words, but there are also ’stronger‘ news to Ripple. Of interest is the partnership with BRD Wallet (formerly Bread Wallet) is up to date. This partnership, which was actually already announced in October 2019, has now been taken up again from the Ripple. It means, among other things, on the part of Ripple:

FRG is a non-custodial Wallet, the scores both in terms of usability, security, and control of institution. BRD makes it not only easy, but also safe and convenient crypto-currencies as a means of payment, or use for Trading. Germany is the fastest growing Wallet for consumers and currently has more than 3 million users in 170 countries.

A milestone was reached, according to Ripple, as Germany has now confirmed the Support for XRP and implemented. As a result, the Coin is now for another 3 million potential Users. With this partnership, Ripple wants to show now that the Ripple rate, has not won in vain, and probably also in the future, a hot candidate should be.
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XRPTheStandard? – It is a case of pure hubris, or it can be XRP is actually the new Standard and thus also the Ripple rate in the old heights send?

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