Ripple, the new world group? CNBC Ripple as one of the 50 most disruptive Startups in the world

While the Performance of the XRP course, to the chagrin of his investors in the last few months and years are not particularly well developed, you can not say the Same of the company that stands behind it Ripple. The Fintech Startup, based in San Francisco is on a good growth path. Also, the corona of crisis, does this development, no demolition, on the contrary. In a new analysis from CNBC, the Ripple is even on 28 a list of the 50 most disruptive Startups in the world. The billionaire Mike Novogratz has words of praise for Ripple and its CEO left.

Ripple in the front

When it comes to CNBC and in the new Review, is the company Ripple in the race, the disruptive and, therefore, the most promising Startups in the world by far. The list of this company consists of a total of 50 Startups, what the company from San Francisco on 28th was set.

To create the list, CNBC analyzed by her own account, 1,000 young companies, of which only 200 and after further investigation, 50 were selected. Overall, the start-UPS collected according to CNBC, the 74 billion USD from investors.

Special focus is laid the Creator on the Performance of the company in connection with the corona crisis. It is precisely here that Ripple was probably a good thing. As we reported this week, could Ripple to be a winner of the crisis.

According to Garlinghouse, it is in the RippleNet in 1. Quarter of 2020 85% more volume (of transactions) than in the 4. Quarter of 2019 have given. The ODL experienced an increase of 190% in the same period. CNBC writes:

(These companies) are on the verge of the Coronavirus pandemic with technical platforms to emerge to dominate the the Power to.
The Start-ups that are not on the Disruptor list 2020, are located in the epicenter of a changing world in previously unimaginable ways (…).

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Praise from billionaire Mike Novogratz

The strong development of the company, Ripple has not, however, used only with the onset of the corona of a crisis. Already in February, the billionaire former Goldman Sachs employee and CEO of Galaxy Digital words of praise for Ripple and its CEO, Brad garlinghouse had left, as he tweeted:

GLXY is a big Investor in Ripple Labs. I would hope that they develop well. @bgarlinghouse has made as CEO a great Job.

Unfortunately, the development of Ripple and XRP are two completely different matters, as discussed above. In a new Tweet of the legendary trader Peter Brandt this XRP even referred to as a Scam. As a Ripple Fan, you can want only that the strong fundamental development of the Ripple will in the future finally, even in the XRP price will reflect.

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