Ripple tweets of Binance viral and to trigger heated debate on the future of XRP

Ripple is still the fourth-largest crypto-currency and therefore enjoys a certain Prestige, but this position is not undisputed. In the last few weeks, the native crypto-currency, XRP had to your Position than 3. largest Cryptocurrency behind Ethereum and Bitcoin to the Stablecoin Tether make. And, there are many Crypto-Fans doubt that the Performance of XRP can ever benefit from the success of the company Ripple, as Anthony Pompliano said Recently. This is often very different opinions about Ripple and XRP, reflected now, in a viral Tweet of the Crypto-Exchange Binance again.

Binance Tweet about Ripple and XRP goes viral

Binance is now under different aspects, the largest Crypto exchange in the world. This rise has made the Exchange in a little more than 3 years and thus known variables, such as Coinbase left behind. On Twitter, a total of 1.1 million people Binance follow.

These followers Binance on Sunday the 5 has. July in a Tweet, the indirect question, what do you think of Ripples XRP as a digital Asset, by writing

XRP is ……

and Fans will be asked to complete the sentence and Express your opinion. With over 3,000 comments, almost 700 Retweets and 2,300 Likes, the tweets went viral. The controversial issue with Ripple and XRP will have contributed its part.

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Different reactions to the Asset

This Chance to Express his opinion about Ripple and XRP could be a lot of Fans, but also critics did not take. So different perspectives can be on the Asset, so too are the comments on the Binance Post.

Many Fans of Ripple and XRP, please refer to the short transaction times and low transaction fees, to make the fourth-largest crypto-currency better than other Altcoins, and even Bitcoin.

On the other side of the coin, the critics jumped in and shared their opinion, with some Ripples XRP referred to as a fraud.

The Economist and Crypto-Trader Alex Krüger referred to XRP as an “IQ Test”, while the Top-Trader “Big Cheds” says the Coin was good for Trade, but not much more.

Binance has made in the Form of Binance Research in may of this year, his opinion about Ripple and XRP in a Blog Post known as, they called the Crypto-Asset is a potential bridge currency, with the aim to facilitate global payments in real-time and cost-effective.

As it is really XRPs future, and whether the success of the Ripple can have a long-term positive effect on the rate, we can probably assess it in a couple of years, really. Until then, Fans and critics will continue to supply heated discussions on the topic.

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