Ripple with XRP for Amazon and Google?

The currently probably the most important Partner of Ripple MoneyGram is. The payment service provider has already integrated last year, the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) payment solution of the Ripple that uses XRP as a bridge currency in the own business model. As a result, the transaction is increased in volume via ODL with XRP drastically. A XRP price increase could not be achieved but. Currently, MoneyGram is focused with ODL on the end-user, since there is also a huge Potential for international cheap payments. But how it looks from the Business side? MoneyGram works with two Internet giants, the use of the payment service provider, in order to increase the efficiency of the own cross-border payments. This is no less than Google and Amazon.

MoneyGram works with Amazon and Google

In the case of such a name as the heart of any crypto-Investors suggests higher. But in the end, the question is in what Form such a company on a XRP-based payment solution will involve and whether this is really used commercially always. Regardless of the possible Usecase of ODL with XRP, working with MoneyGram is actually with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, and thus supports the Multi-Cloud strategy. The aim is to increase flexibility, reduce risk and reduce costs. To MoneyGram said:

MoneyGram cooperates with the leading providers of Cloud-based applications, AWS, in order to scale the transaction processing Engine of the company. In addition, MoneyGram uses the Google Cloud as a data and analysis of machine, to understand customer behavior better and offer a more personalised experience.

At this point it is not clear whether the two Internet giants currently see an advantage in the payment solution of the Ripple and ODL with XRP over a service provider will use. If the payment solution can not prevail only in the retail area, but also more and more Business partners to win for themselves, then companies like Google and Amazon might have an interest in this. The company, this payment solution is certainly known, because both of them show for several years, her interest in crypto-currencies and Blockchain. Google significantly more than Amazon.

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MoneyGram want to with a Ripple and ODL to the next level

Kamila Chytil, Chief Operating Officer of MoneyGram, stated the following:

In the last few years, we have invested in the latest, most advanced technologies, an agile, scale to build true to the organization

She continued and explained that “no part of the business of our digital Transformation has remained untouched, because, we have worked tirelessly to create a modern, mobile and API-driven platform and build our skills in the area of direct digital consumers in over 67 countries”.
The MoneyGram CEO, Alex Holmes, said that MoneyGram plans to launch XRP payments in some other corridors and RippleNet for account to account to use Transfers.

Our progress on the Ripple-partnership have helped us in the development of digital P2P payments lead… Today, our trade continues to grow volume, and we work together to provide the service to other corridors to expand.

Game-Changer for XRP?

The plans of MoneyGram and Ripple are clear. This year we will certainly see more ODL-payment corridors. Here remains to be seen whether this will also get the demand, which is currently expected and if it is MoneyGram is able to attract large companies to. This could be in the use of ODL with XRP is a Game-Changer.We are excited to see how this will develop up-to-date, and if the XRP price can benefit from the development.
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Is Ripple’s can enforce ODL with XRP in the international payment traffic?
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