Ripple (XRP): Silently Pushing Forward and Stabilizing the Foundation – XRP Analysis

Ripple (XRP): Silently Pushing Forward and Stabilizing the Foundation – XRP Analysis

CANBERRA, Australia – On April 6th, Ripple (XRP) plummeted to a new low of about $0.46 from its March 19 high of around $0.749. It surged on April 7th, increasing to around $0.687 per day before the impending April 17th US Tax day. Three days ago, this virtual coin built up a relative gain which clearly allowed it to outperform other altcoins. However, it was hit by a reversal during the Asian market trading hours.

It went down to at least -3.08% before it was able to bounce back at about +2.36%. Over the past week, there was an increase of +39.13% on its $0.6765 trading value. Among the top five cryptocurrency coins, Ripple (XRP) appears to be the top performer so far.

Also notable is its market capitalization of about $26 billion which is twice that of Bitcoin Cash and just below Ethereum’s $50 billion market cap. When the uptrend began on April 5, there was an apparent increase from $19 billion. If this continues, experts believe that Ripple could eventually surpass Ethereum.

Ripple’s development team worked hard to establish this crypto coin to get it to its current position in the market. Now that this platform is gradually showcasing what it can do, the future looks bright for this cryptocurrency. However, it remains to be seen whether this uptrend will continue. Certainly, the team behind Ripple will continue to support this crypto coin.

Stellar (XLM) may be its stiffest competition, but the team at Ripple appears to be confident that Ripple could continue to grow as it expands. Among the virtual currencies which aim to provide practical border payment solutions, Ripple is currently the top performer. This is attributed to its relatively low processing fees, fast payment, and use of a network that is highly scalable.

Ripple appeals to be the crypto of choice for its enthusiasts due to its usability. In fact, this crypto coin is considered to be the best element insofar as internet of value is concerned. Digital speed is Ripple’s vision in providing a fast and easy platform for payments made across borders.

Ripple (XRP) conveniently offers a clearer, easier, and faster payment solution to slow payments and remittances. This crypto coin provides a platform to moving money in real time.

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