Ripple’s success is not to be equated with the success of XRP

Ripple is not to be equated with XRP. It should now be clear to everybody who follows the news surrounding Ripple and at the same time on the development of the XRP price looking. For this purpose, has also commented Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Digital, and Bitcoin supporters and said that the success of Ripple will not necessarily increase the value of XRP.

Pompliano sees great potential in the Ripple but in XRP

In a new Episode of the Pomp-Podcast Pompliano explains why he is a Fan of Ripple as a payment company, but not to the crypto-Asset XRP is interested.

I think that XRP as a part of the Ripple-is a product, i.e. you can use it within the product. I also understand why they do it and see the benefits within the Ripple Ecosystem. What I don’t understand is why people buy it, and on future price movements speculate. If Ripple is successful, it means for me is that XRP has to be successful.

If one separates XRP and Ripple, then Ripple as a software company that wants to provide better software solutions for banks, (it is) a self-runner, makes sense and is, ultimately, a venture capital bet. I’m jealous that I didn’t invest in the early round of financing in Ripple.

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Hymn of praise to Bitcoin

Pompliano remains in the discussion about Ripple and XRP Bitcoin is faithful and shows his Confidence in the first crypto-currency.

Bitcoin is the Binärste what you can find. He will either be millions of USD per BTC value, or he will be nothing more value

The CEO of Morgan Creek Digital says he believe that Bitcoin is the only technology in the world has the addressable market of pretty much everyone in the world. He also expects a significant change, when people begin to understand the true potential of BTC as a store of value.

You, I and all the others underestimate how large (Bitcoin) can be.

Murad Mamhmudov argued that the Market cap of Bitcoin just with the global money supply of 90 trillion-Dollar comparable. But even with 150 trillion dollars. To this conclusion he came to, because a lot of people keep their assets in different assets, in order to escape the FIAT Inflation.

In the same way as a market economy-expanding piece of technology was and it was directed not only against Taxi companies. In the end it was a question that some people do not have cars. Here it is the same. Maybe I put my assets in the value of assets, but in a currency, because it is a deflationary currency.

Which can offer, in his eyes, XRP (Ripple), for various reasons, never.

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