Ripples XRP: The Genesis Block of XRP is not detectable – gone forever?

What many do not know: Ripples XRP has effectively no Genesis Block. Due to an error in the Ledger with the numbers one to 32569 were lost and have not yet been restored.
Genesis blocks are considered to be the most important part in the history of a Blockchain. However, the third largest crypto currency is not recognized in this early period of its existence, apparently, not at all.
The first week of the Ledger history is missing XRP namely completely.
It has been known for years that XRP was in the first few weeks of its formation in an accident. Currently, the Ledger #32570 is the earliest point in the Blockchain of Ripples XRP, which is actually captured and stored.
Everything that preceded this point, is lost, and is found, in all probability, never again – including the Genesis block.

Early Error

As archived forums, show, happened, the loss of history through a “Server Bug”. To trace back to the Genesis block is not possible.
In 2013, they still had the hope that he can be restored. So far, these efforts have failed.
A User brings up the Dilemma perfectly: “We can’t see the crucial first few hundred transactions!”
This is of particular importance since the early days of Ripples XRP were so chaotic. Jed McCaleb co-founded the project, but left due to disagreements again.
He founded Stellar (XLM), but gets to maintain its lush share of XRP.

Gone is the Genesis Block of Ripples XRP for always?

So far, nobody has succeeded, the first week of the XRP Ledger to restore. The error led to a “Ledger-Header” were not being saved properly, which makes recovery impossible.
The fact was recently addressed by Michael del Castillo (@DelRayMan), looking for Ripples Genesis Block but then was shocked to find nothing. He sought after the transaction, with the existing 1 billion XRP’s were created.

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This gaping hole in Ripples Blockchain effectively masks the early and most basic days in the history of the Coins. The first of the week.
A Blockchain without the Genesis Block – the remains of an anomaly in the industry as a whole.

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