Ripples XRP: volume is lower than EOS – still in the Top 3

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Ripples XRP has had a grim year. The volume is about 1.6 billion dollars per day – a relatively poor result for a Top 3 Coin.

Low volumes at the Top-Coins

The XRP volume is now even under the EOS, which is traded with 2.6 billion dollars per day. And yet the Asset remains at the top.
The asset was designed to some extent so that he ascends to a Top Coin. XRP so far was either always the second – or third-largest digital Asset according to market capitalization. But the main reason is the high number of issued tokens.
XRP has flipped face-up Ethereum in its history several times and once even almost BTC ousted from the throne – even if only almost. But the project relies on the large number of available Coins, the to keep the Ticker visible, and at the very top.
The strategy was followed by other projects, the improvement of the Charts of billions of Coins out. The market capitalization, however, is more or less meaningless, since the actually traded Coins or realized Market capitalisations tell a different story.
The intended 100 billion XRP are not all for Trading. Most of them are locked and will be released in the next 18 years. Airdrops and donated tokens are not included also.
In spite of all the efforts and high awareness of XRP is stuck just below 0.30$. The asset value has continued to attract net inflows of Tether (USDT) in the amount of approximately $ 130 million and a further US $ 131 million from the BTC market. The Coin is lost, however, the enthusiasm of the Korean traders, and is dependent for liquidity on several small exchanges.
XRPs place at the top has also angered large parts of the crypto Community. The reason is that the Token is not borne by a Blockchain, but from a network of well-known Server, and of which at least eight of the Ripple to be operated.
The Launch of RippleNet didn’t work to budget prices, since it is not necessary to use XRP for sending inter-Bank transactions.

XRP remains a Top Coin in the social media

However, XRP belongs to the Social Media of the best-known Coins. The Token is at the end of October is quite prominent, since the Hype is growing short before the annual Swell conference. The asset has experienced some outlandish predictions, where the prices on the basis of optimistic forecasts, as a jump to the 8$-level to be considered.
XRP has a market capitalization of about 12 billion US dollars, which is still far removed from Bitcoins level, of about 140 billion US-dollars. To flip BTC””, should XRP will increase tenfold, and at least to the level of return, which was no more reached since the bull market in 2017. 2019 XRP is one of the few Coins which have failed to achieve profits. 0,47 $ was for XRP so far, the high for the Year.
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