Rising demand for money: Bitcoin and Gold are experiencing strikingly similar downward movements – Coin Update

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The Bitcoin and gold markets have formed for the first Time since January, 2020, a strong positive Intraday correlation.The Safe-haven rivals suffered on Thursday’s losses, as investors rushed into the safety of cash.Peter Mallouk, President and Chief Investment Officer of Creative Planning, advised investors to engage in Gold and Bitcoin.
Although Bitcoin is still a non-correlated asset, similar to its price movements on Thursday strikingly like those of his rivals Gold as a safe haven.
The Benchmark crypto-currency fell by 536 $ and 5,31 percent and closed the day at 9.018 $. Bitcoins downward movement was part of a more significant bearish correction, which started after he had crossed at the beginning of the week, the brand of almost $10,000.
Traders took advantage of taking the local all-time highs for profit – a sentiment that was reinforced on Wednesday in the midst of a rumor.
On the other hand, Gold showed similar correction characteristics after the spot price this week reached a seven year high. Due to profit-taking, the yellow metal closed on Thursday 2,25 lower than its local High of $1.765,30.
Observers have noted that investor return because of the increasing trade conflicts between the United States and China and uncertainty with regard to a full economic recovery to cash.
The macro-economic theories have also affected Bitcoin and Gold, according to their recent price movements in a similar way. While the crypto-currency had, in anticipation of a bullish outbreak between $ 9,500 and $ 10,000 in consolidated metal are also within a narrow Trading range.
Even her recovery went Hand-in-Hand and confirmed that both the Bitcoin and the gold market global factors played a role.

Bitcoins Engagement at the Wall Street

The correlation arises, when Bitcoin finds its Position in the broader spectrum of asset allocation. The crypto-currency gained some recognition as a safe haven, as the world economy fell into a recession.
The billionaire Paul Tudor Jones and is the flagship Fund of Renaissance Technologies reported that they have invested in the eleven-year-old assets.
Prominent Fund Manager to explore Bitcoin, although they had neglected previously because of its extreme volatility. However, after the Coronavirus pandemic values of almost all assets – even Gold – in the Ruin had driven, began Bitcoin look like a part of the Wall Street club.
This was evident in the positive correlation of the crypto currency with the S&P 500, after both had suffered in March 2020 heavy losses.
Only recently has disconnected Bitcoin from the U.S. Benchmark and the Gold connected. The New York-based Investment Management firm VanEck, according to both Bitcoin as well as Gold have long had a low correlation, however, the sell-off of the Coronavirus have resolved some of this. Excerpts:

“Our analysis shows that the correlation between Bitcoin and Gold will remain low in the long term. During the recent COVID-19-induced sales in the broad market, the correlation of Bitcoin has increased to Gold, however, clearly“.

Investor speaks out warning

The latest Coup of Bitcoin and Gold appeared also, as a financial veteran investors warned to increase their involvement in both systems.
Peter Mallouk, President and Chief Investment Officer at wealth management firm Creative Planning, explained to CNBC: Bitcoin and Gold are “wrong investments”. He referred to them as speculative and recommended that investors put on the “incredible organization”, because “they have nowhere to go”.
Mallouks comments suggest that he expects Bitcoin and Gold of the macro-market-scene will disappear. In the past, he has criticized on several accounts located in Safe-haven assets.
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