Roger Ver: Bitcoin is manipulated by the CIA

“Bitcoin is manipulated”; it is a phrase that you have probably heard or read on this criptoverso. Now; if that phrase, you add “by the CIA” sounds interesting but if to that you add that who says so is Roger Ver, the so-called “evangelist of Bitcoin”, because that would be a concern to several. And is that recently, the founder of and leader of the fork Bitcoin Cash, he told his followers from YouTube, the CIA, the famous Central Intelligence Agency; I had been involved with Bitcoin. “It would be naive to think that the CIA has not been involved in the disruption of the cryptocurrencies”. Bitcoin is manipulated by the CIA, as stated by Roger to See his fans we Must remember that Roger Ver, driven by his group of followers decided to create a junction to the main network of Bitcoin, to create your own criptomoneda called Bitcoin Cash. All under the argument that they should increase the size of the blocks to improve the speed of transactions. In this way, See he went from being the “evangelist of Bitcoin” to be the most hated by the believing community of the criptomoneda original. Since then, See has always argued that the maximalist community of Bitcoin have manipulated everyone to believe that Bitcoin (BTC) is the real Bitcoin; while he argues that Bitcoin Cash, your creation is as it should be. Very similar to the discourse used by Craig Wright to create your own Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV).

The CIA and the maximalist of Bitcoin

Normally, you See, has blamed the defenders of Bitcoin for lying to the community. In fact, some fans of Bitcoin Cash believe that a secret group, known as Dragon’s Den, yes there is, it is where they plan all the manipulation. But now, according to See, blames the CIA for disrupting the natural path of Bitcoin. As he says in the video; for Roger See, the cryptocurrencies have the potential to undermine the global financial system and the control of governments over it, so that: “they Will do everything possible to interrupt, and delay the adoption of the cryptocurrencies”. In addition, in the same video makes a comparison of the comments of the maximalist Bitcoin Richard Heart; now head of the controversial criptomoneda Hex, with a former director of the CIA. In the video of Roger Ver, appears in a fragment of a former director of the CIA saying: “we lie, we cheat, we steal”. And Richard’s Heart said that the community of Bitcoin “lied, cheated and stole”, referring to the controversial introduction of SegWit; a program designed to accelerate the operations of Bitcoin.


Although, this is not the first time that Roger View argues that Bitcoin is manipulated, is to call the attention that is now add to his speech by a Government entity as important as the CIA. In addition, at this stage we need only the Vatican and the Holy Inquisition as potential perpetrators to manipulate Bitcoin. That incidentally, as of this moment, its open source code has been under the eyes of thousands of people and has not found a possible “secret door or rear” which allows handing over the control to someone. And if by manipulation refers to affect its price in fiat; that’s also what could make Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and anyone with monetary capacity to create a demand or offer that leads the market in either direction. Should not be a secret group or some agency to do so. However, as I have mentioned before, their technology will remain the same. That is not affected. Personally, I think that Roger See looking for any excuse to give validity and boost its currency. Even if that means to continue using the name from Bitcoin to your currency and your previous web page. The following two tabs change content below. Engineer, lover of economics and technology; Convinced that Blockchain will empower them to future generations, giving them freedom and sovereignty to each individual.

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