Roger Ver Intends To Launch An Exchange Platform Focused on BCH Bitcoin Cash

We had recently done a long interview with Roger Ver, alias “Bitcoin Jesus”, thanks to Sami. We learn today that the controversial Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fan now wants to create his own crypto-exchange, whose main trading pair would be… the BCH!

In an interview in Malta with Bloomberg, Roger Ver gave some information on the future development of the services available via his website (which angers more than one maximalist Bitcoin, which can be understood).

Roger Ver said he was considering finding a partner to produce a cryptocurrency exchange platform, or that they could “build one internally” with his team.

He further added that:

“If we build it ourselves, we can make it really, really cheap, and we will get exactly what we want (…) But we don’t have the security of a proven exchange that has existed for a while.”

Roger Ver also explains that Bitcoin Cash would be the basic currency of this exchange, which will not surprise anyone.

As Blockmanity reminds us, CoinEx is so far the only major exchange to have chosen the BCH as its main trading pair.

Very optimistic, Roger Ver also states that the exchange “will be put online on, so we will have thousands, even tens of thousands of new users every day”.

Since the August 2017 hard fork, splitting the Bitcoin blockchain into two separate blocks (Bitcoin/BTC on the one hand and Bitcoin Cash/BCH on the other), war has been raging to find out what the “real” Bitcoin wanted by Satoshi Nakamoto is.

If Roger Ver is able to create his own cryptographic exchange platform, it is likely that this will help to increase the use of BCH. We will not enter into the debate as to whether or not this is a good thing for the world of cryptocurrencies, there is no need to add oil to this fire, already quite enough – sadly – cleaving.

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