Round 2: Bitcoin price back over $10,000

The Bitcoin exchange rate has already on Sunday, the important $10,000 in brand crack, and even a one-year high at $10.200 achieved. Overnight, in just a few minutes, followed by a steep selloff that pushed the popular crypto-currency to $9.700.
Since then, the exchange rate was less volatile and had to lose a couple of percent and today the majority of the day at around $9.750. But Bitcoin crashed so quickly this starts the jerky upward movement in the direction of $10,000.

Bitcoin reached again the $10,000

While many analysts predicted already bearish signs because of the rejection, used a different price region to the Bitcoin to buy the Dip. The Trader FilbFilb has already written in his Telegram group, the bullish Outlook remains in tact and he will use the opportunity to buy Bitcoins setbacks, and to place his Trades.
Some traders, despite the last few days to be optimistic, assume next a strong volatile upward movement and predict and sometimes even steep day-candles of several Hundred dollars.
The infamous FOMO-Phase (Fear of Missing out afraid of missing something) is not even remotely noticeable. In the year 2017, the break above the $10,000 led to was an extreme chain reaction, and the Bitcoin discussion topic number 1. No matter on the Bus, in the cafeteria or in the case of family reunion, the Bitcoin was always the topic.
From this euphoria to be felt, nothing is currently only in the traditional crypto-scene. In my opinion, needs to be the previous all-time high of $20,000 a cracked until Bitcoin is back to the Mainstream topic.
Many investors who entered in the year 2017, and still have a huge loss and probably want to hear so fast first of all nothing of Bitcoin.

CME Cap signalled a renewed rise in the direction of the recent all-time highs

The CME Bitcoin Futures Charts has left on the weekend will be a gap of about 9,900 and 10,200 dollars. CME-Gaps are statistically filled seen within the first week of re-opening, suggesting that Bitcoin can continue to rise.
This time the Bitcoin exchange rate but also on the important $ 10,000 mark, in order to transform the powerful resistance in the long term in a support. The $ 10,000 in the last few years, a key level because it was considered as a launching pad for the parabolic rallies of the last few years. If Bitcoin can keep the level, we could experience the end of the year a re-Test of the previous all-time highs.

Still no Bitcoin ?

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