Salesforce to convert CRM on blockchain – Breaking News

Salesforce will also make use of the commercial blockchain technology Lition. This is a confirmation that the blockchain grow up, and Salesforce is the world’s most popular platform for customer relationship management (CRM).

Data to decentralize

Lition, is one of the very few in the public and the private blockchains that are currently supported by any major cloud provider. The blockchain is powered by Microsoft Azure.
According to the Lition will be the Salesforce for the integration of the blockchain, make it possible for the data to decentralize. This makes the architecture of the CRM platform for the long-term, more secure.

Due to a reliance on complete, centralized information on which to build, emerging and operational risks. The extraction of such information is not guaranteed. A blockchain that adheres to the GDPR, it is a great way to get to be a part of that dependency is to decentralize.

The App helps with data management

The technology is Lition it will be available in an app on the cloudsysteem of the sales force. The app puts more than 150,000 in Salesforce, users will be able to get the important information in a confidential manner, to document, to certify it and to protect it. These users range from small businesses to the largest companies in the world.
Marketing manager Benni Woerpel of the Lition:

With the blockchain, of Lition, it is in this context, it is quite unique, because it is a code-compliant, the coat will be on offer, allowing companies to be able to take advantage of the decentralized features of the blockchains.

Collaborative processes to support the

Salesforce was founded in 1999 and has introduced new technologies such as cloud computing, internet of things, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, speech, and the blockchain is implemented in order to help companies better connect with their customers. This is what Salesforce is up on their website on the blockchain:

Blockchain technology makes it possible to set up a network for the definition and associated partners to join. Within this network, an application that defines common processes to be supported. Each and every participant in the network will have access to the network, and a copy of the database and to set up his own business to run. The blockchain network, which ensures that all the databases are in sync are to be held when changes are made by one of the parties.

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