Samsung is still committed to the cryptocurrencies

Whether we like it or not, the cryptocurrencies are transforming the world in which we live. Forcing businesses, governments and organizations to adapt to this new reality, if you do not want to be surpassed by the competition. For this reason, a company the size of Samsung is still betting on the cryptocurrencies, now with an ally special: Gemini, the exchange of the twins Winklevoss.

The technology Blockchain the rampage

Just a few years ago it was possible to qualify to the technology of Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies as a mere curiosity. An interesting development, with which some enthusiasts of cryptography and complex algorithms they spent their days experiencing. But, not as something I should deal with the big organizations in the world.

That is not the case anymore. For several years, but especially from 2017, all large businesses, organizations, and governments of the world, have started to take into account the chains of blocks. Armando research groups to develop products based on the Blockchain. Or directly by making alliances with companies related to the cryptocurrencies as Ripple or Gemini.

An example of the wallet desarrolalda by Samsung.

So, there have been important milestones in the development of the technology Blockchain. Including the birth of the virtual currency the government of China. The development of the virtual currency of a company as important as JP Morgan. And of course, the ever-greater involvement of Samsung in the crypto world.

Samsung bet on the crypto

And is that the giant south Korean has been one of the companies most committed to the crypto world. Including for months for new features in their phones, which allow for greater integration with the technology Blockchain. Allowing the income of decentralized applications based on Tron to your apps store. As well as developing its own wallet.

Still, just this wallet is built into the latest models of Samsung Galaxy, the center of the latest news in the crypto world. Well, Samsung still betting on the cryptocurrencies, and it shows in this occasion in an alliance with the exchange of cryptocurrencies Gemini. Through which Samsung will support the users of this platform in north America.

“The cryptocurrencies are not only a technology but also a movement (…) We are proud to work with Samsung to bring the promise of the cryptocurrencies in a greater decision-making capacity, independence and opportunities for more individuals throughout the world.“ Commented the co-founder of Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss.

“Samsung is about to cryptocurrencies while Goldman Sachs and Wall Street walk away. I’m anxious to see how it ends for all”

Thanks to this collaboration with Gemini, the users of the wallet of Samsung will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, see your balance, and send cryptocurrencies between different wallets, all through the exchange, and without leaving the app Samsung. What, without doubt, will facilitate the use of crypto assets by users from all over the world.

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