Satoshi Nakamoto will ever be bitcoins used

According to researcher Sergio Demian Lerner will be Satoshi Nakamoto will never be more bitcoins to move it. Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous inventor of bitcoin. Lerner believes that, because Satoshi say that it would be the best to go with bitcoin to do so.

He Patoshi pattern

Sergio Demian Lerner is concerned with the development of the RSK, as a smart contract platform for bitcoin. There is also a noticeable pattern was discovered, what was Patoshi the pattern is called.

According to him, it used to be a miner in the early days of bitcoin with a different algorithm, in order to 1.1 million in bitcoins to mine. A lot of people believe that the miner is none other than Satoshi Nakamoto is.

Many people ask, ” what is the effect on price is when Satoshi decides to 1.1 million in bitcoins to sell. According to some analysts, could have a catastrophic impact on the price. They see it as a sign of distrust. What if Satoshi has no confidence in his own bitcoin?

Lerner believes, however, that it is not the intention of Satoshi to use his coins to move, or to sell it. In an Ask Me Anything on Reddit is telling Lerner that he is thinking that Satoshi just to be altruistic in nature. The creator of bitcoin will see his project and be happy to succeed, and that will not happen if he used his coins to be sold.

Satoshi has his coins have never moved

On Wednesday the 20th of may, the bitocin community, even in a panic because the 50 bitcoins are sent from one to eleven-year-old wallet. It would be the creator of bitcoin has been? Perhaps because of this uncertainty, reduced the price of bitcoin, with thousands of dollars in a single hour.

But the analyst is referred to as a Nic, but Carter was quick with the sake of clarity, since the bitcoins could not be explained by the Patoshi pattern by Lerner. In the last eleven years, and Satoshi are in for 1.1 million geminede coins), so it’s never been moved. This is what HODL’s!

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