Singapore soon to adopt Cryptocurrencies?

Singapore took a major step toward crypto-currencies. While local financial regulators plan to open up to this emerging sector, opportunities to fully adopt the system of crypto-currencies was raised during the consensus of Singapore.


Government’s proposed initiative

According to TechCrunch,

The Singapore Government has established a detailed plan for introducing the crypto-currencies in the local economy.

It was during the Singapore Consensus that thousands of visionaries will be gathered to discuss the possibility of creating a reliable basis combining the traditional economic sector to the future development of the sector. Among the voices of influence who will have spoken, entrepreneurs, but also experts in crypto-currency that have come together to speculate as to the terms of this hypothetical adoption.

The intervention of representatives of the monetary authority of Singapore concerning the future of crypto-currencies in the city has been one of the highlights of this meeting.ALA meeting suite, arguably today that financial regulators in Singapore were a step ahead of the competition. Local commitments exceed that of many other developed countries have undertaken on the market. The crypto-currency sector spoke in general terms, not only for the opportunities it could offer in the near future, but also to understand the rate of understanding an ultra-receptive audience. The MAS, which places a clear distinction between the types of crypto-currencies, takes the time to clear up major differences between utility fees, payment tokens, as well as security tokens.

Director of the ecosystem and infrastructure FinTech in MAS, Damien Pang declared that the organization is currently in full consideration of the specific characteristics of each type of chips.P resented details currently are not the only ones to be scrutinized. A detail in relation to their past and future behavior, are also mentioned. If the integrated technology is also mentioned, its impact on the behaviour of crypto-assets has not yet analyzed.

Actions focused on the objectives of the digital currencies

The purpose of the MAS would not restrict the blockchain, or currencies that are developed. He would be interested rather in regulation focused on the objectives of these digital currencies. For local authorities, it is not yet necessary to impose regulations on the products of crypto-currencies. Although the nature of the security and the payment chips, and hence economic potential could require legal attention, use tokens do not require the same precautions.

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