Small investors flock gen Bitcoin: There is now 3.0 million Wallets with more than 0.1 BTC Coin Update

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The consolidation push for Bitcoin has investors, while fears grow that the youngest is several months of upward trend of BTC in danger. Nevertheless, investors seem to be to busy to accumulate BTC and Engagement in the Benchmark crypto-currency to build.

Recent data show: The number of BTC Wallets holding more than 0,1 BTC has just reached an all-time high.

Private investors pile currently Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin had to know at the beginning of the year with $ 10,500 in his first rejection, was trapped in the Benchmark crypto-currency is largely in a sideways movement within the 9,000-$-Region.

Any movement below this Region has proved to be short-lived, though, Bitcoins stability has not given him enough momentum to overcome the massive selling pressure at $ 10,000.

It seems that private investors have used this opportunity to a greater involvement in Bitcoin build.

This is illustrated by the number of Wallets with a stock of over 0.1 BTC to a value of almost $ 1,000-that are just shot to new all-time highs.

Data of the research company Glassnode show that the previous all-time high was reached at the end of may and that a total of 3.05 million addresses have exceeded this threshold.

“BTC addresses with 0.1+ Coins just reached an ATH of The previous ATH of was on 21. May 2020 can be achieved.“

Data from Glassnode

Other data from Glassnode show that daily active address count of Bitcoin has experienced in the course of the year 2020 is also on an upward trend, although there are currently between 800,000 and 900,000 active Wallets on a daily Basis.

Data from Glassnode

This suggests that the BTC market participants have reinforced their use.

Institutions are in BTC to bullisher as a small investor

There is no doubt that the accumulation trend is observed for the small investors, indicating that the underlying bull trend in this Bitcoin-investors group.

Apart from this, the data suggest that institutional investors have still more on the digital Benchmark Asset.

Last week it was reported that the premium in BTC Futures-product of the CME suggest that those who use this platform are more keen to reach a long-term exposure to BTC, than their retail counterparts.

Arcane Research writes:

“After a strong increase in premiums for BTC Futures in the last few weeks, we have made this week back… traders, who focus on retail investors, are still less bullish than CME-Trader, and are now again below the average level since January.”

Data of Arcane Research

The peak of accumulation between the two institutions and retail investors seems to be for the medium – and long-term prospects of the crypto-currency to be good.

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