SMS Privacy lets you buy phone numbers using bitcoin

Key facts:

The daily cost of the service, available in several countries, is 0,0015 BTC.The platform allows you to purchase phone numbers real instead of digital numbers.The messaging system with digital numbers SMS Privacy, created by James Stanley, allows you to purchase phone numbers using bitcoin. Users do not need to deliver any kind of information to buy a phone number. In addition, those who have obtained a digital number able to receive text messages (SMS) through this system, as explained on the website of the platform.The purpose of the service of digital numbers is to give the user more privacy at the time of having to enter a phone number as a requirement in a social network or any other web page, according to what that says Stanley in his publication.According to the SMS Privacy, the service is valid for users in all countries of the world. However, the team makes it clear that they also offer phone numbers, physical —only in Britain— so that no message is filtered by the providers of digital numbers.Numbers physical are phone numbers real that does not depend on the provider API that the platform used to provide digital numbers. Because the provider API has previously blocked messages, verification codes for the subscription to some online services, SMS Privacy chose to offer this solution.In this regard, the platform team explains the following:

We have mobile numbers real, in addition to our virtual number. This means that the provider API may not prevent you from receiving certain messages. In theory, the operator of the mobile network could filter messages, but in practice we have not observed this. Use it as a virtual number, except that it is a little more expensive and we only have numbers GB (+44) available.SMS Privacy.

Phone numbers that keep the privacy

The price set by number dial physical is 0,0015 BTC per day —about USD 15 at the time of writing this news—. That is to say, after a user purchase the number, it will be available in your account for a period of 24 hours. When passing the set time, the user will pay the same amount to reactivate the SMS service. The platform provides a direction of bitcoins in which the user can deposit the amount you want to spend for the service.On the other hand, offers the option of sending SMS through the platform. The user must pay 0,00005 BTC for each message sent using the number previously obtained. SMS Privacy emphasizes the fact that not able to receive text messages of any kind if you do not purchase a telephone number of the platform.Is added also, users concerned about privacy should take the precaution of making the payment with bitcoin anonymously. In that sense, it is recalled that if someone manages to track down the payments in cryptocurrencies subscribers to the platform, the crawler will know that the user is part of SMS Privacy.It should be recalled that in the 2018 Breaking News reported that the company Intuit acquired a patent for conducting transactions in the network of Bitcoin through SMS. Although it was not the first company to offer this service, the company submitted the application for the patent in the year 2014.

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