So it works a pyramid scheme that hides behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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They say to sell you innovation, technology and financial education, but only looking for your money.We offer few investment returns huge, that are not sustainable for any company.I recently attended an event in Caracas of a pyramid scheme or ponzi schemes, in which initially purported to use cryptocurrencies for its operation. I attended the event not knowing that the organizers were behind the pyramid scheme. I went because some of the “guests” of the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies in Caracas publicised the event through their social networks, not to mention the organizer, and as in Venezuela, the meetings about cryptocurrencies are very infrequent, I decided to attend.The event was held in a luxurious hotel of the capital of Venezuela, on the same site where the government of Venezuela held its first international meeting on criptoactivos. Personally, bug me a little such events, because in my experience I always see exaggerated propaganda and little reality. This event was not an exception to that rule.The meeting was not as showy as the one who performed the government. At the reception they asked to provide the e-mail address and the telephone number, data di wrong because I do not like to bother you with advertising. Already at the entrance to the hall, they saw several men over 40 years of age with suits of clothing that were too big and some women, of similar ages, quite fixed and that seemed to be selling.As soon as I saw a poster that talked about “investments with cryptocurrencies” and the name of a company that was different to the company that promoted the event through social networks. Upon entering, I walk around the room and I find myself with an audience not so young as expected; the majority seemed to be over the age of 35 years. This detail I found it strange for an event on cryptocurrencies, which attracts predominantly to a younger audience.I positioned myself at the end of the hall, and I started to search in Google the name of the unknown company (let’s call it a Pyramid, a name chosen at random). Among the first search options, there was a negative article about the company. Among various details, what struck me the most is that the “leader” of such a project was a person who had been affiliated with other ponzi or pyramid schemes. That is to say that I attended the event a new version of another pyramid scheme, that fell as you all know.Before you continue with the story I would like to summarize how it works a pyramid scheme. All part of a “founding leader”, who asks for money for a good or service little valuable (cryptocurrencies ghosts, education, health food products, among others) and promises great gains, generally absurd. The only thing is that it forces participants to recruit new people to invest in the system. Then, with the money incoming to pay the profits promised to the initial participants, and promises that the income will improve if they make new “investors” to bring in more people. So, they build the rankings, where those that have invested and recruited earn more, until there are no new investors who want to enter the scheme. Then exhausts the flow of money incoming and the last to go will lose all of their money. In many countries it is an illegal practice, because they are not producing anything, just recycling the money.Back to the story, the event starts with videos and songs, motivational, followed by the intervention of one of the promoters of Pyramid. By his speech it seemed the combination of a coach is motivational, with a guru of the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with a dose of innovation and finance. Then gave the word to the company “invited” that promoted the event through social networks, but only to promote their own products, although the organizer was a pyramid scheme.I did not pay much attention to this company, because she was outraged to see a room with over 100 people sitting in an event organized by a ponzi scheme. I was surprised by the convening power that he had, I’m not sure if the company “invited”, or the Pyramid and its partners. In any case, if you ever were deceived to attend a talk on nutritional products, all of which I will tell below will seem very familiar.At the end of the presentation of the company “invited”, the show begins. Returns to the stage the cheerleader Pyramid to greet people from other regions of the country went to the conference and to present the international guest, a member of the same scheme. When you start talking, you realize that the guest is a good speaker and thus was able to keep me entertained for more than 2 hours to the public in the room with their monólogo.Su intervention began talking about any other topic, less of what they will offer later. He spoke of innovation, BLOCKCHAIN, cryptocurrencies, the Petro, the family, the prostitutes, the things of daily life and financial education. To conclude, after an hour of pure verbiage, he presented a Pyramid offers the potential victims, sorry, investors.At present what offers Pyramid, then walk an hour on other topics, it begins to show you all that you can win with them, their system of ranking for whoever gets to input more money to the company (classified by gems: sapphire, ruby, etc…). We propose to teach you everything you need to achieve personal success, highlighting the virtues of the leader, the visionary creator of all this “business”. It should be noted that such a “visionary leader”, is linked with other companies similar to Pyramid, as I mentioned at the beginning. Any person can get this information on Google, if you investigate before arreisgar your money.Then, you have all the benefits of the absurd which offers Pyramid, as a return of investment of almost 2% a day, and the luxuries that is spent the speaker to be a member of Pyramid, explain more or less what you have to invest and the money that you have to get to the Pyramid so that “to be successful in it.” Already at this point, you missed the innovation, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, technology and so many amazing things that were sold at the beginning, to emphasize on how rich you can do with Pyramid.After you close the “business presentation” it is the time of showing “cases of success”, the partners that have gone up in the ranking. Went up about 5 different people, including a pregnant woman. To each his motivational talk, with phrases like: “If you can, I would say it’s a scam, but it works, the success is there at your fingertips”, etc… Any cliché phrase you can imagine. Even tears on the part of the pregnant woman who says that “Pyramid saved his life”, in this devastated Venezuela.Following the “success cases”, we were climbing over people to the stage to show how much people bet and believes in Pyramid with the song of Diego Torres in the background, the Colour of hope. So it took several hours of emotional manipulation, without pause, to avoid that you can think of, and only reactions with your emotions.There, I could no longer tolerate the theatre and I had to get off. Then, I found out by social media that they even began to dance Danza Kuduro by Don Omar, to move the body after hours of sitting, exposed to such a theatre.With all of this, as can recognize how it is operating a pyramid scheme and not only of cryptocurrencies. All of these schemes follow a script quite similar, a methodology that includes only benefits that are non-existent for the vast majority of those who enter the esquemaMi recommendation that you do not fall in this, is that you always follow your common sense and investigate. When something is too good to be true, it is because it is a lie. In any type of business NOBODY, but absolutely NOBODY, can assure profits as high as 2% daily or 30% monthly and less without mentioning the risks that such gains are complied with or not. Also, it is noteworthy to verify that at no time presented concrete numbers, and the risks of investment; it is only focused on playing the emotionality of the people, instead of explaining with arguments and logic operation of your system.When investing money is done with a cool head, not the heart.Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Breaking News.

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