So reacted Binance, Gemini, Uber and Bill Gates to hack massive of Twitter

After the hacking mass to multiple accounts on Twitter, which happened the afternoon of 15 July, by which it has executed a theft equivalent to USD some 123,000 in bitcoin, several of the affected (or person close to you) have manifested themselves through the social network.

Among the affected accounts, linked to the sector of the cryptocurrencies, is the house of change Gemini. Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of the platform, indicated on his Twitter account that Gemini had both a strong password as an authentication for two-factor enabled.

For Winklevoss is the question of how committed these accounts and have been able to skip to the authentication 2F. Prior to this, his brother Tyler Winklevoss had already published a tweet of warning, pointing out that the accounts of Binance, Coindesk and Coinbase, too, had been hacked, so it recommended not to click on the links.

In parallel, the support team of Binance in Spanish reacted by offering recommendations to users for the security of their cryptocurrencies. Remember that this type of situations have been reported in the past.

Hours before, a spokesman there identified the house instead offered statements to a means of communication. He said that the security team were “actively investigating the situation of this coordinated attack on the industry of the cryptocurrencies”.

For his part, the spokesman of Bill Gates, Teddy Schleifer, confirmed that the co-founder of Microsoft did not send that message on its own initiative. “We can confirm that this tweet was not sent by Bill Gates”, it points to through the social network, adding that “the situation seems to be part of a larger problem. Twitter is aware and working to recover the account”.

Uber, the company that provides international transport services through a mobile application, also made mention of the hacking:

“Like many others, our account is @Uber was hit by a scammer today. The tweet has been deleted and we are working directly with @Twitter to find out what happened,” wrote the communication team of the company.

According to the majority of the information that is being published in the media, many of those affected have been consulted on the situation, but have not offered comments so far. It is believed that this is due to the hacking mass is a recent one, and possibly all are immersed in an initial phase of research.

As reported Breaking News, Twitter profiles hacked in the course of the afternoon of this Wednesday, showed a message anchored sent to a website of a well known scam, prompting you to send bitcoins to a wallet with the promise that it would return multiplied.

The list of profiles targeted include Barack Obama, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Mike Bloomberg, Wiz Khalifa, Uber, Apple, Ripple and Bitcoin, among others

Until now, most of the messages have been deleted, while a spokesman for Twitter said the company is investigating the problem.

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