South korea will establish a platform Blockchain

A city in South Korea, Sejong, will begin to establish a platform for identity verification based on Blockchain for autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars. This as a new measure of security for the nation and the implementation of this technology. The government of the planned city of Sejong, sets the territory as the field test of the country for major solutions for smart cities. This Friday they announced the establishment of the platform in the Blockchain for storage and verification of digital identities. Through the Aju Business Daily, a means of communication to asia, it was reported that the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea, together with the agency of control of the technology of the Internet of the nation, the Agency of the Internet and Security of Korea, will lead the development of the platform management and identity verification.

The new platform for autonomous vehicles

According to an official of the city of Sejong, the technology platform based on Blockchain:

“It is able to greatly increase the credibility of the data. To strengthen the security of the information that they share in the automobile and its control tower.”

At this time, South Korea is preparing against cloning illegal cars that drive themselves. Although autonomous vehicles are still far from the mainstream, the city of Sejong has already begun to prepare to fight against the crimes related with these technological advances. In this way, the wing technology of the LG Group, LG CNS, and a manufacturer of ferries autonomous Korean, will work in collaboration with the government of the city of Sejong. This, to develop an id encrypted based on Blockchain called an identifier decentralized, or DID. This instrument could help to prevent the cloning illegal identities or hacking of autonomous vehicles. In the same way, the report explains that the system of verification of the identity will deploy multiple layers of encryption for the shared data. Which are between the cars and the facilities of road using the communication “vehicle-to-all”, or V2X.

South korea and the Blockchain

In this sense, the asian country is leading the innovation of the Blockchain. We see that, the government of South Korea has shown an immense interest in the technology of Blockchain and its application in the major industries. In April, the government said that Blockchain was a “golden opportunity”. For this reason, he called on the private sector companies that will use its potential of technological innovation. While previously the Government had had doubts about the cryptocurrencies, has shown constant efforts to legitimarlas and develop regulations favorable. At the same time, it is also reported that the Bank of Korea had launched a pilot program. To evaluate the logistics of the issuance of a digital currency by the central bank, or CBDC.

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