South korea’s bet for Blockchain and IA

The University of Suseong of South Korea came to an agreement this may 22 with the Korean Association of Artificial Intelligence (CORAIA), to create a campus of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud-based in Daegu. According to the announcement published by a local media, the university based in Daegu plans to teach about AI, macro data and cloud-based technology in this department. In this way, they plan to implement the program with the aim of starting to accept students for the year 2021.

Global Crisis of the Covid-19 drives industry

In addition, the director of the Division of Planning and Coordination of the University, Kim Kun-woo, praised the announcement. He said that the world is changing “rapidly” to a society based on blockchain and artificial intelligence due to the global crisis of the COVID-19 The announcement also says that several companies Blockchain with headquarters in Daegu, have agreed to offer training programmes and work experience within the campus. For this reason, the university of South Korea will implement services of easy use that will allow the cohesion between the university education and the academic administration, in the hands of experts in each area.

We have to take into account as South Korea maintains its momentum in the industry Blockchain. The South Korean Government continues to maintain a positive position with regard to the development of the industry Blockchain within the country. Since last April, we have seen how the asian nation has sought to implement and promote this industry within the country. The government sees a golden opportunity with Blockchain that must be taken to boost the economy of the nation in the face of the great powers as the united States and the european countries. Also, a few weeks ago South Korea announced the implementation of the technology Blockchain in autonomous vehicles. Signifying the importance and growth of this industry for the country of south korea. Two ministries in south korea announced on march 17 its support of the industry from the chains of block in the country, with plans to allocate up to $ 3.2 million in funding to local companies of new creation to encourage the use of such technology.

Increase in the use of Blockchain

Since the arrival of the Coronaviruses we’ve seen a great increase in the use of Blockchain on the part of many academic institutions, financial and government. It has also seen an increase in the number of users female in the first quarter of the year for reasons of safety and trust. The technology Blockchain is one of the most demanded and the only industry that keeps the search of employees, which could mean a major breakthrough and boost to the same. The increase in interest of people and nations to embrace the technology Blockchain each time it gets bigger. Allowing that this reaches to more places and to be of great utility for many.

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