Star “bitcoiner” NBA launches campaign to raise 2.625,8 bitcoins

Key facts:

If the campaign on GoFundMe does not reach the goal, Dinwiddie will donate 100% to charity. Dinwiddie launched in January 2020 a bonus tokenizado of his contract NBA. Spencer Dinwiddie, NBA player known for his interest in Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies, launched a campaign with the goal of raising a total of USD 24.632.600, equivalent to about 2.625,8 BTC, according to his own calculations at the time of launching such a campaign. It all began with Dinwiddie responding via Twitter to a question: “what would you remove your account from Twitter and all the social networks for 100 bitcoins?”. In response to that tweet, the player of the Brooklyn Nets said no, but that for a 1,000 BTC yes you could do it. At the time of that response, the enthusiast of bitcoin increased the bet, when you post a new tweet. In the new publication, said that if it were levied, 2.625,8 bitcoin would sign a contract for the minimum salary with the team with the most votes by the fans. “I’ll give you a month to do so”, he completed. The athlete fulfilled his word. Created this campaign on the platform GoFundMe, with the name Dinwiddie x BTC x NBA. In the presentation of the campaign, explains that simply being consistent with his own words. “If we reach the goal, I will allow the fan base to determine the decision of my next computer, and sign a contract of a year at that target”, he wrote Dinwiddie in the above platform. In the opposite case, the total raised will go to charity, he added the player. The player of the Nets said on their “experiment” that sponsors always influence the decisions of players and, in this case, he proposed to involve a direct way to the fans. In addition, he said he hoped that non-participating owners or staff of any team in the league, to avoid breaking rules of the NBA.

Contract tokenizado, and history of the Dinwiddie “bitcoiner”

The relationship of Dinwiddie with the world of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies is not new. Already from a while ago, the base of the Nets was recognized between bitcoiners and other players as the enthusiast of bitcoin on the NBA. It even came to present a plan of tokenization of his own contract in the league. This project, in principle, was rejected by authorities of the NBA, although after a few modifications Dinwiddie went ahead and presented the token, in January of this year, as reported Breaking News. About the collection that launched now, wanted to make clear that it has no connection with the token. In addition, he stated that the high of its fundraising goal (approximately the double of its current contract with Brooklyn) is intentional.

“The reason why 100% of the proceeds go to charity if we are a penny below our goal in this project is because I understand the likelihood -or the lack of it – in this experiment,” Spencer Dinwiddie, a player from the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA

Before the publications of Dinwiddie, one of his companions in Brooklyn, Wilson Chandler, also wrote that you could think of 100 BTC in the future. “Especially if they reach heights that some people predict”, in reference to the forecasts most reckless of the future price of bitcoin.

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