Startups argentinas with projects blockchain will be able to participate in acceleration program

The ventures of Argentina, which used technology accounting distributed (DLT) or blockchain can apply to the call that was opened by the Municipality of Mendoza to its acceleration and the shape of the network Open Future Telefónica.The call is for the startups that are already developing DLT as part of your model work or business, that their proposal is innovative and that offer tangible outcomes of their applications. The authorities highlighted that the application process will be open until the 30th of April, then that date shall start the evaluation to select the proposals with the greatest potential.Projects with other technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, cyber security, Big Data, IoT, cloud computing, biotechnology, video games, and edge computing, among others, may also participate in the application.”Is looking for startups that can demonstrate a significant evolution in its business within a period of six months, through concrete results. Selected projects with a degree of advancement in industries disruptive and who want to revolutionise the more traditional technologies (…) the municipality offers projects the opportunity to access the program, incubation/acceleration and the coworking space of the Club of Entrepreneurs”, it was reported through a press release.For the record, the entrepreneurs must complete the form provided by the organizers on the website. Among the requirements to participate are the following: that the companies are in the early stages of development with not more than five years of seniority of constitution, that people be over 18 years of age and participants do not submit several projects individually or collectively.This is the third call which opens the Municipality of Mendoza in search of projects that form part of the global network “Open Future Telefónica. Source: Municipality of Mendoza.The network Open Future of the telecommunications multinational Telefónica is an acceleration program that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship. The network has presence in various countries of Latin america such as Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, and Venezuela. One of its objectives is to bring the enterprises to the business ecosystem to give visibility to the startups and internationalization solutions based on new technologies.The Municipality of Mendoza is the third call of this type, but the Open Future has performed in the past called on entrepreneurs to submit their proposals work. In September of last year Breaking News reported that the Open Future was in the search for startups with projects in development to offer free consultancy.In the criptopedia of Breaking News defines the DLT as a “technology that enables the realization of reliable and safe from any type of transaction between two or more people without the need of intermediaries, through the Internet. Your introduction to the world was through the criptomoneda Bitcoin, the first platform blockchain”.The technology of accounting distributed has applications in various fields ranging from product traceability, certification of documents, digital identity, to its best known use, of the cryptocurrencies.

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