State crypto is not a compliment to Bitcoin, currencies – but a Declaration of war

You might currencies, the interest of governments and Central banks to the Blockchain and Crypto easy for a kind of compliment, decentralized Coins like Bitcoin hold. If you copied, you have to make something right. However, the thrust of the governments mainly one message: a direct fight, and strict competition.
Lionel Laurent of Bloomberg has delivered an opinion as to what digital, emerging countries ‘ currencies for crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and other digital cash similar Coins mean. The battle field is still in its infancy and is not, perhaps, as a battle field. But It could soon be a fight of the people against the governments – and to the future financial control.
Remarkable about how open China is pushing for his Integration and development of the Blockchain technology. This, combined with the news that the people’s Republic is also on the verge of the first real digital currency, which is supported by the Central Bank and controlled.
Even if the Bitcoin price has responded strongly to the news from the far East, should be the decentralized crypto-currency, or your followers, but be careful, instead of accepting the advances in the industry, head nodding, and kind.

Crypto-currencies are losing their selling points

Laurent points to the following:

“Around 70 percent of the Bank for International settlements surveyed Central banks consider their options in this area [issue their own digital currencies].”


“If this works, would be stateless crypto-lose-Coins is one of their selling points.”

The Central banks want to enter the cryptocurrency space, and create their own Coins to develop, because this new technology allows for more manageable payments and a new Revolution of money – especially in the cross-border area. Always Makes Bitcoins, but the Central banks have seen that you can create your own versions.
Of course, these versions of the banks are controlled, and the other selling point of decentralized crypto-currencies – their anonymity, and freedom – will continue to exist. Maybe sufficient enough to provide the government-issued Coins permanently the forehead.

An attack on the freedom of

In this context, Laurent on a large scale, such as the introduction of a government Coins the market could hold, but also how governments might try to destroy Bitcoin and his colleagues.
The author also mentioned that quantum Computing is a major threat to Bitcoin and the Bitcoin-Killer could be. Also, the Trump-Administration $has established 1.2 billion for quantum research.
One aspect, in the case of the crypto-currencies, however, are vulnerable and have a bad reputation, the third party provider, for example, stock markets – the lifeline for most people in the industry. Recent Hacks and Scams on the Exchanges are a bad image for the room and drive the institutional and Mainstream acceptance down.
This is another area in which governments can intervene – it has been shown, for example, as China access to the stock exchanges has been forbidden, and the Bitcoin industry in the country paralysed.
How this battle plays out, the Moment is almost impossible – but it looks definitely a battle that will await us in the coming years.

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