Steem community and start your own distributed platform in after the crash, with One of the Sun – Breaking News

I’d almost forgotten about it after the coronacrisis, but also in the cryptowereld fumbled it just as strong. This one the Sun was in the power of the Steem blockchain, after, the different cryptocurrency exchanges, helped by the voices in the Sun. The Steem’s community, it is the controversy, now wants its own decentralized platform, according to a news release.

In decentralized platform, called Hive

It’s a new platform, called Hive, and it is supported by a large portion of the Steem site. The Hive is launched to be an exact copy of the Steem blockchain.
This means that all of the coins in the network is Steem to be taken into account. Did you have STEEM with coins prior to the copy on the 10th of march you will receive an equal number of HIVE-coin as an airdrop. This is true, however, only if you have STEEM with coins in a wallet in the store and not on an exchange. However, it is possible that the exchange of the airdrop support, but only if they are in contact with the team at the Hive.

What is the time difference with Steem?

If we are in the press release are to be believed the power back to the user. In the Hive, it goes back to the community, they set the stage for future developments and changes. A new rule will need to make sure that in an unexpected attack, in the future, can be ruled out.
After the thirty days you can use coins to use to vote. In this way, the malicious party will not be short of the advance financed in order to vote on the matter. In that way, in hopes that the Hive situations, such as Making the Sun to avoid it.
In addition, the Hive is open-source too. This means that the code behind the software, because everyone else in the show. In addition, it allows anyone to contribute to the development of the Hive blockchain. The complete code for the Hive will be on Thursday the 19th of march will be published.

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