Stellar (XLM): A High Chance for Price Rise – Complete Technical Report

Stellar (XLM): A High Chance for Price Rise – Complete Technical Report

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –  Stellar (XLM) is listed among the top ten virtual currencies in the market today with a market capitalization of over $5.3 million. Presently, trading price is at approximately $0.29, which is 16% higher than the trading price 24 hours ago. As more cryptocurrency enthusiasts continue to invest in Stellar, an improved trading volume is anticipated.

A few weeks back, the cryptocurrency market was caught in a debacle and altcoins have been adversely affected. Stellar suffered briefly, but it has recovered significantly as evidenced by its remarkable performance over the past week. Stellar’s new Lightning Network, which is aimed at enhancing both scalability and security, is one reason this altcoin continues to rise.

Stellar (XLM) remains to be one of the top cryptocurrencies when it comes to efficient payment systems and bank connections. It is also on the blockchain strategy of IBM and promises to be a cheaper and faster payment method across borders.

Since the Asian market seems to be very responsive to the virtual currency market, Stellar is eager to take advantage of this trend. In fact, it has already penetrated Buybit’s market. Buybit is an Indian-based trading platform that allows the use of Indian rupees in purchasing Stellar lumens. Experts believe that this development will eventually increase Stellar’s liquidity.

Stellar lumens were also added to the newly launched Coindirect, a peer-to-peer trading platform with more than 30 virtual currencies as members. It is globally available and takes pride in a unique security feature for easy trading of digital assets. There are still plans of expanding Stellar’s listings to improve liquidity.

Recently, a questioning session was conducted where Stellar was featured. Interestingly, there were a lot of questions as to the future of this virtual coin. One topic that apparently stood out was regarding Stellar’s swap integration. Although the Stellar team seems to have no definite solution to support the platform, there are several plans of possible implementation of manual swap mechanism. This tool will eventually require the use of a third-party firm in its execution.

Considering its continuous growth over the past week, Stellar (XLM) seems poised to make a complete recovery.

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