Summary of the activity of the whales crypto in the last 24 hours: Bitcoin vs. Coronavirus

In this 2020, we have witnessed numerous events that have affected one way or another to the market of the cryptocurrencies. Highlighting the tensions between Iran and the united States, or the decline of more than 30% for about two days. All of this has required adjustments in the investment strategies of many, the ones that always go on the front are the whales crypto. That is why, we bring to you a summary of your activity during the last 24 hours, and that you get some useful information from it.

Analysis of Bitcoin and the whales crypto

Through nine operations, the whales crypto have circulated around 17.688 BTC according to the reports of Whale Alert. Of this total, 9.788 BTC ended up in wallets unknown, denoting that a little over half of the BTC moved were for the purposes of accumulation. This graph indicates how Bitcoin has recovered some of the 30% drop that he had, but even so, it is not enough to ignore the effects that had this in the other cryptocurrencies. Some whales crypto have taken advantage of this situation to accumulate BTC. The Coronavirus continues to generate fear in the meantime.

Also stored altcoins

In addition, we have that the whales crypto have also chosen to accumulate altcoins, such as USDC and USDT. For example, in this day highlighted a movement for 20.000.000 USDC (20.000.000 USD) transferred from the Treasury of the USDC to a wallet unknown. In terms of USDT, there were three transactions on the part of the whales crypto. Each one is made for amounts equal or greater than 5.000.000 USDT directed from the Treasure of Tether to wallets unknown. The total of these three transactions was 19,000,000 USDT. On the other hand, the whales crypto also took part of their USDT to exchanges like Poloniex and Bitfinex. According to Whale Alert, 8.054.634 USDT (8.058.253 USD) spent a wallet unknown to Poloniex. Also, 7.189.154 USDT (7.255.753 USD) were taken from a wallet unknown to Bitfinex.


By now, all the major cryptocurrencies have fallen in the last few hours. One of them is of course Bitcoin, that by the time it is said that only fell a 6.26% on this day. However, even it costs a little recovery from the fall of 30% march 12, 2020. Therefore, it is expected that the whales crypto that had been waiting for an opportunity to prepare for the Halving of Bitcoin are using it to accumulate more of this criptomoneda. The attention is certainly placed on the Coronavirus and not so much in the Halving, and as shown by searches on Google recently. Meanwhile, the global markets are struggling to recover from the ravages of the Coronavirus, including many investors or entrepreneurs are more concerned by the contingency plans for this situation, which in see how to invest in Bitcoin or any other criptomoneda.

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