Surprise!!! Bitcoin is not an asset, in accordance with the American bank, Goldman Sachs,

Today, did Goldman Sachs have a conference call with investors about the current state of the economy, and the infatie. But more importantly (to us, anyway), but about bitcoin. The talk will be titled “the US Economic Outlook & Implications of Current Policies for, Inflation, Gold, and Bitcoin will be taken by the Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani. He is the Chief Investment Officer of Goldman Sachs’ Investment Strategy Group (ISG).
But in spite of all the hype that is surrounding the home, you will want to call as a bitcoin enthusiast will not likely see again.

Cryptocurrency’s are not an asset class

According to a slide that Zack Voell on Coindesk on Twitter shares, it has the Sachs is not a good word to say about bitcoin. “Cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, are not an asset class.” The entry goes on to list all of the reasons why the cryptocurrency’s not an asset to be. For example, the fact that the computer will not cash-flow, such as bonds, may not be used in order for the volatility to be moderate, and “no evidence of protection against inflation.

The Goldman Sachs is going to do anything with bitcoin to do

From the slides we can also see that Goldman, Sachs is probably not a crypto-services offered to its customers. This is evident from the following passage: “We believe, too, that, although the hedge funds to trade in the cryptocurrency’s attractive to be able to be found because of their high volatility, that style is not viable investeringsgedachte is.”
In addition, the investment bank, with all the old clichés about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the table. “In spite of the fact that the majority of cryptocurrency blockchains for permanent, and verifiable in the public registers, are the cryptocurrency’s still a source of information about illegal activities such as Ponzi schemes, a lot of manual intervention, and the purpose of money laundering,” according to the slides.
The gifbeker, it is still not low, because of several cryptocurrency projects are listed. For example, in 2018, to more than $ 1 billion stolen in a computer hacking. This is in 2019 at the latest, however, fell to 371 million dollars.
As you have seen, Goldman Sachs has a bad word to say about bitcoin. But why didn’t you get the opinion of the bank, when you can be your own bank, it may have been?

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