Survey of Zcash was criticized for risking the privacy of the participants

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The survey polls the opinion of the holders of SACS on several proposals for improvements to the network.Users complained about the privacy risks. Foundation Zcash clarifies that it is not their initiative.Members of the Foundation, Zcash, launched a survey to probe the opinion of the community about a group of proposals for the development of the project, which has been challenged by involve security risks, and privacy of the participants. So it is clear from the comments posted by some users on the social network Twitter this Monday, November 25.The survey seeks to collect the impressions of the stakeholders of Zcash, a project focused on the privacy of the transaction, on 13 proposals for improving active that would involve funding from their development fund. The proposals have been submitted by members of the community in the forum of community collaborations of Zcash, in an attempt to decentralize the development of the network, concentrated in the company Electric Coin Company (ECC) since its launch.As announced in the forum, the procedure for participating in the survey is a type of staking, a model that grants the right to vote by a deposit in the tokens, in this case ZEC, the criptomoneda native of Zcash. The votes will be weighted according to the amount of SACS is sent to the voting address established for this purpose. However, the process received some criticism once the organizers reported that the participants should use addresses traceable in the chain of blocks, known in the ecosystem of Zcash as “transparent” or “t”.The user Justin Ehrenhofer, complained in a tweet that states the Foundation Zcash encourage the owners of SACS to place their funds in a way “transparent” to vote on issues as fundamental as the reward block. “What a disgusting mess of privacy” expressed Ehrenhofer, who alleges that, or even took measures ancillary to mitigate the risks.

One of the promoters of the survey, Andrew Miller, a member of the Foundation Zcash, acknowledged that the survey should ideally be secret, but that the need to use directions to the “t” would complicate the process. To reduce privacy risks, he recommended the participants to use directions to the “t” only for the duration of the voting process. Ehrenhofer replied in his tweet that this measure does not ensure the privacy desired.Another user name Were Tromer, also a member of the Foundation Zcash, expressed on the forum your concern about the methodology of polling, since it entails the shipping of the preferences encoded, which may lead to the identification of voters.For its part, the Foundation Zcash clarified in a publication on her Twitter account that the survey weighted by stake (blocking of funds), it is not an initiative of that entity, but that it is a poll not official. He further informed that “it is not part of the collection formal feelings of the community of ZF” on the proposed development, which was opened on 16 November and will close on the 30th of the same month.

The official survey is done by a simple form posted in the forum of Zcash, and the only requirement is to maintain an account in the forum created before march of 2019. In the thread of tweets it is clarified that the survey effort-weighted was driven by some of the members of the Foundation independently.Ehrenhofer asked the users of Zcash to refrain from participating in the survey weighted by stake, since “the Foundation Zcash has said that they will not use the vote for nothing, and that there are serious consequences of privacy with the use of address transparent (even if it passes, first, by addresses, shielded)”.The proximity of the end of the Reward of the Founders of the project Zcash, which will happen in 2020, has brought a series of discussions internal to the ecosystem since August of this year. As reported Breaking News, the community has been discussing whether the funds should be distributed among the miners, or if they should go to the development of the project. Additionally, in September came to the public light the friction between the Foundation Zcash and Electric Coin Company, for the management of the brand Zcash.

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