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In the past few weeks, the Telegram Gram Token came back strong in the focus of the Crypto-Community. Because there is new information to the long-awaited Telegram Open Network (TON), the corresponding crypto-currency Gram, as well as the related question of how you can buy Gram. Last week, for example, the source code for Nodes and Blockchain Explorer has been released. In addition, insiders also chatted recently, some of the Details and announced that the platform is already at the 1. October start should.The latest announcement revolves around the question: how and Where can I buy a Gram? A response to this, the black moon Exchange, which will allow as one of the few Exchanges to buy the Telegram Token. So let’s take a look at the Exchange and the question of how you can buy Gram.

Gram Token purchase on black moon Exchange

We start from the beginning: black moon is currencies an Exchange for Crypto, and also offers the trade with tokenized Assets. Black moon will be one of the first Exchanges, which lists the native Gram tokens of the Telegram Open network (TON). Just in time for the notification of this message, the black moon also reworked the User Interface of the Website and the Exchange is complete.In addition to the new edition of the existing User Interfaces, the platform some more Changes. So the product portfolio, for example, has been extended and 50 new Assets added. The Trading fees were also reduced and more features and USPs for the native Token of the platform, BMC introduced. It seems so, as the black moon assume that a lot of people want to buy Gram. Therefore, a good preparation for the coming, high demand is certainly right.Since many readers (including yours truly) probably had little contact with the black moon in Exchange, I want to summarize again some important points:The Crypto Exchange of the black moon offers more than 200 trading pairs (including Fiat currencies). Deposits are via a credit card. SWIFT and SEPA Transfers are for the current state is not possible; it is, however, worked. The Exchange operates in accordance with the rules and regulations of the MFSA Virtual Financial Assets Act. The MFSA is the Maltese Equivalent of the BaFin. The Virtual Financial Assets Act defines and regulates currencies, dealing, and trade with Digital. In addition, the Exchange a Security Audit conducted by one of the large Big Four auditing firms.Trading on our brokers comparison-winning eToro. You are looking for a reliable and intuitive Broker to trade crypto-currencies, CFDs, shares, Forex, commodities and more? Then let yourself be in our eToro Test in 2019 all of the features explain, what possibilities are given to you here and where is here the Before – and disadvantages are . eToro Test 2019 read now.

Gram buy: black moon and Gram Vault

Today, the black moon Team confirmed the collaboration with the Gram Vault – one of the largest provider of Custody solutions for the Telegram Token Gram. Through these collaborations, the black moon will be one of the first Exchanges, which lists the Telegram Token Gram.So if you want to buy the Telegram Token, you can do this on the black moon Exchange. So, it will not only give you the opportunity to buy Fiat currencies Gram, but also to act Gram against other crypto-currencies.The necessary Token will flow from Gram Vault – the largest Investor in SOUND to the black moon Exchange. This is encouraging, as it offers instant and ‘depth’ of liquidity. Sergey Vasin, the COO of black moon, commented on this as follows:

Black moon is happy about the collaboration with Gram Vault and all the lever is put in motion, to lists, to the Gram in a timely manner on our platform. Thus, our Users will be among the first users who will have access to the most anticipated crypto-currency of the year. In addition, black moon is going to buy the users the possibility to ambience, Gram through the card, which will be especially in the first months of a truly unique offer. We believe in the great future of the Telegram Blockchain and will contribute in every way to increase the liquidity for Gram.

Reminder: the Gram Token is the native Utility Token by SOUND. Gram is thus, the most important crypto-currency for the Telegram-Ecosystem. Gram will be not only for In-App transactions on the Telegram, but also for external use available.

Black moon and Gram Vault – who is behind it?

So if you want to buy on the black moon Exchange the Telegram Token, would probably have a better idea of who is behind the Exchange, and whether or not seriously being worked on. I would like to lose a few words:black moon is part of the black moon Financial Group. In the case of the black moon Financial Group is a group of FinTech company that was founded in 2014. The company develops integrated Blockchain solutions, developed automated trading interfaces, and creates investment products from the “Fiat and crypto world”.Gram Vault of the Custodian Service for the Telegram Token, in turn, is operated by a Swiss company. Gram Vault is under the rules and regulations of the local financial Supervisory authority. In the case of Switzerland is the Swiss financial market Supervisory authority (=FINMA). Furthermore, Gram Vault is a member of the Swiss Association for quality assurance in financial services (VQF number: 100617).GRAM how to buy do you think Token using the native Telegram? Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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